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What's important for an anger management course and ultimately for you?

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Dealing with anger to get you in control is not about raking over the past.

Finally, it’s about changing your thinking and behaviours. It’s about designing a future that’s appropriate for you.

This anger management course contains (index of contents)

What not to expect

We could sit down and talk to death what you think your anger is all about. But we will only talk about the past minimally. 

We could be raking over the past continuously and that’s not going to happen. We won’t be working like that trust me.

Finally, this is about getting you what you want not looking for blame!

picture of an angry woman on anger management course page

What to expect

Its more important that we help you understand YOU more and make changes.

If we avoid WHY and imagine WHAT and HOW then that’s our intention.

Very often people are surprised by what’s missing or needs addressed. 

Personally, that’s why I enjoy using hypnosis and hypnotherapy because it gets you out of your own way.

It really helps you tap into all of your own inner resources. 

These are all of the things you have already learned and stored in your mind.

Most of all if we can make these resources available that’s very useful.

And whats included and agreed as a minimum on the course.

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Our working style and approach will no doubt include the following:


This is especially relevant:

I believe from experience that 6 sessions are a good minimum to expect.

You couldn’t rebuild an intricate machine in 1 hour. 

So why think like that with your own life?

It’s important to commit to a change programme and work with me together.

Ultimately, your life is your responsibility to craft. But I am here to support you with that!


You are not broken trust me!

Anger sometimes makes you act in ways you don’t want.

To me this only means your conscious or unconscious has you focussed on other things.

This only means you are great at going after what you don’t really want.

You are not broken but really good at getting what your not after.

This is how we can help you to realise what you would like to have happen.


Sombre mans face image on anger management course page

What we might deal with on the journey:

What can you expect to change about you?

In addition:

The above are examples only.

Every persons journey with anger management is different completely.

Most people are surprised and shocked at what they uncover. 

Also what they discover about what’s important for them.

They can also be shocked when they identify what blocked them too.

Whats the bottom line here?

If you are doing this for others then maybe this is not for you yet! 

You may probably end up wasting your money and time to please others.

If you want to be a better person and change then this is for you now!

In conclusion and most of all this has to be about your personal end goal and happiness.


Whats the price and the cost?

The price for the above is an upfront payment of £330.00. 

The normal price of 6 sessions would be £390.00 so you save £60.00.

An upfront payment ensures you are committed to this course. 

It is also ensures the course of action that’s necessary to start your change.

The cost of being angry cannot be qualified by me. 

That’s down to you to work out that long-term cost to your life.


If the timing is not right what to do.

Contact me anyway to discuss the course.

So, even if you want to message or chat with me that’s fine.

This may help you maybe make a decision one way or the other.

All the links to do that are on this page.


Why this is worth it for me and what I am like

I really enjoy working with people on anger management courses.

That may sound a bit weird but I do.

When someone changes and they alter then that’s so enjoyable for me to see that.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone when the penny drops and things shift. 

In conclusion. thanks for reading this and considering what I have written.


Please pass this page on and share it.

So please pass this onto someone that has a need for an anger management course. 

Finally, I’m sure you would agree life is just too short to be angry.

Best wishes.


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