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How to beat dartitis

How to beat dartitis a new direction of travel!

Firstly, this page is about setting you up to succeed and move forward.

And, further to that you may be surprised by the tactics I suggest you adopt.

Lastly, I really hope you see that you can make changes by taking action by yourself.

So, here is what we will cover in three simple areas:

  • What is dartitis.
  • How people deal with it normally and fail.
  • What people ought to do to deal with dartitis to make changes.

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So what is dartitis.

First, dartitis is a condition that inhibits the release of the dart from peoples hands.

NOTE: please read this objectively because finding out how to beat dartitis needs objectivity and a clear approach. Being offended by what you read will not help you to beat dartitis.

Second, it is also known to affect the fine motor skills in the fingers too.

For me it is a behaviour or habit that has become ingrained in your neurology that can and does become unconscious and automatic.

Ultimately, this behaviour or habit causes great stress for a person where they become at a loss for a solution or emotionally upset.

Please stay with me because there are options and ways of how to beat dartitis through darts mind coaching.

How people usually try to beat dartitis.

In the first place most people get uptight, stressed and frustrated.

After that, they usually become un-resourceful and lose their problem solving abilities and perspective.

Then, they continue to fight through any dartitis attack.

Sound familiar?

So, why am I telling you all of this?

I have to point out the un-resourceful strategic response that you may be doing that won’t help you to beat dartitis.

Consider these frames of mind for this usual behaviour ok?

Wanting to know the CAUSE!

Working out WHY it happened!

FIGHTING through it!

Do you do this?

So, if you do you really have to stop doing this right now. Let go of your attachment to any of the above.

They just make you exhausted and lost for options to find solutions.

Last thought on this ok?

Smokers don’t smoke more to quit so why do dartitis sufferers insist on fighting through it?

In conclusion, fighting a dartitis attack is madness!

Picture of shattered glass on the how to beat dartitis page

How dart players must act to beat dartitis

In the first place it is so important that you must get yourself into a solution orientated habit straight away.

Every single bloody time!

Stepping away from a dartitis attack is crucial to dissociate or break the pattern each and every time. 

Or, at least it begins the process of breaking away and shattering its effect on you.

So, stay positive knowing you are being resourceful and active in the process of positively changing that dartitis habit.

Then, once you have shaken off the beginning of that old habit you can start to generate a new superstate of powerful emotions.

Where you can step back in and gradually beat dartitis by collapsing it’s old habit cycle.

Interestingly, being emotionally and physically resourceful for the outcome you want helps you to collapse dartitis!

This is noteworthy, the brain when it creates and does habits sets up electrical networks in the brain where the more you do something the stronger the network becomes.

Ultimately this electrical circuit in the brain becomes so entrenched and ingrained it becomes an automatic unconscious response or habit and the scientific term is neuroplasticity (fact).

So in conclusion, there is a 4 step cycle to prune away these neural pathways in the brain (habits)


1. Associate – into the problem state.
2.Dissociate – break from the problem state straight away.
3. Associate – get yourself into a resourceful super state.
4. Collapse – the problem habit on itself by staying in the emotional super state and do dartitis at the same time.

The above 4 step process can be used on any habit but it takes practice.

So, lastly there is hope to beat dartitis where you can stop doing that thing that doesn’t work and begin new habits that create change.

Ultimately, the ADAC process can be used on any habit in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post about how to beat dartitis and dartitis help and that you will continue reading any further darts mind coaching posts by me.

Additionally, You can also find many video techniques about how to beat dartitis by clicking HERE which will take you to a play list on YOUTUBE.

picture of Mark Pettigrew on the how to beat dartitis pageMark Pettigrew – Mind Coach & Clinical Hypnotist. 07894900244

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How to overcome dartitis image

How to overcome dartitis

How to overcome dartitis it's your choice to stop fighting it now!

Please read this page completely or watch the video below about how to overcome dartitis.

Video about how to overcome dartitis

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Rebuilding your mental game.

Firstly, we are pattern makers because they save us time and become automatic.

Secondly, good and bad patterns form in the same way.

Lastly, patterns change quicker if you are relaxed as fighting and battling with willpower seldom works.

Changing a pattern - the late riser!

alarm clock on overcoming dartitis pageExample: 

The person who snoozes the alarm multiple times. So, gets up late consistently and the rest of the day is a stressful rush.

So, the pattern change – multiple alarm clocks or an alarm placed where you must get up and go and switch it off.

Thus, the benefit is the person starts the day well and that continues all day.

Ultimately, the value to the person is they leave behind the old behaviour which creates a more relaxed day and a better mental head space.

Key points to overcoming dartitis are:

Firstly, leave the past behind because the cause is unimportant for pattern changing in darts mind coaching.

Secondly, it is important that you remember your brain will try and go back to the old pattern as an automatic. This is normal in pattern breaking.

Thirdly, create the pattern and superstate that serves what you want and consistently and consciously pattern it in until it becomes automatic.

Building superstates

First of all, this is a construction of your best self and of how you need to be with every single dart.

In addition, we can gather these qualities from your own past experiences for performance coaching.

Most noteworthy to mention is we will access your experience from the 3 filters you experience the world and these are:

  • Visual.
  • Hearing.
  • Feeling.

Most of all, we can create this superstate by gathering all of these qualities together in a process called anchoring.

So, by doing this we fuse together feelings, pictures, internal dialogue which influences your behaviour and new pattern at the oche which will switch on.

Image of a muscular man crouching on the how to overcome dartitis page

So, in relation to overcoming dartitis the following is critical to remember.

In conclusion create the superstate you must be for playing to overcome dartitis.

Probably, the mind may revert back to the old pattern but you must break state and create the superstate immediately.

Most of all each and every time you play and with every dart you consistently must do this.

Most noteworthy, this takes some time and effort but it will rebuild a better game for you and pattern in something far superior.


I hope you enjoyed this editorial about overcoming dartitis and that you will continue to enjoy my editorials on darts performance coaching techniques.


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Mark Pettigrew – Mind Coach & Clinical Hypnotist.

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Dartitis – Breaking the unhappy pattern!

Dartitis myth, legend or psychological disorder you decide.

Have you heard some of the attempted cures for dartitis I have come across?

Many make me smile and tickle me when I read them. 

The following list are some and don’t get me wrong I know this is serious for many and not funny at all.

But, what if we can talk about dartitis in a light hearted way for a while?

Man within explosion on dartitis blog page

How many actually work for dartitis?

I am going to make a guess at a big fat ZERO!

Do you wonder why I say that? Because I haven’t met a single person that has told me they work for dartitis yet.

Subsequently, they change nothing from what I hear yet people still do them and keep at it driving themselves up the wall into the bargain.

Doing the same thing that dartitis does and thats reinforcing patterns over and over again!

By continuing down the same old unhappy path.

I hope this sounds provocative because I want to catch your attention deliberately and on purpose.

So, that I can set you on a new path of hope.

pathway image on dartitis blog page

Firstly, the brain has learned a pattern at a subconscious level and it just gets stronger and stronger the more it happens.

Secondly, people are awesome at learning and creating habits, cycles and behaviours that get ingrained and become automatic the more we do them.

Thirdly, look at the following list and note how good people are at creating habits because of repetition.

Ultimately, people do break these dartitis problems successfully, trust me using darts mind coaching techniques.

Last of all, please don’t judge just be objective and think about people who have done this that you know yourself.

Dart board with dart in the bullseye image on dartitis blog post

First of all, the brain forms something called neural pathways that just get deeper and wider the more the habit is done.

Also, it is a bit like scratching a nail into a record over and over again.

So, the habit becomes automatic and seemingly outside of your control!

Do you want the good news?

Are you ready for some hope?


To clarify, there are 2 main ways to address habits and I am going to only talk about the one that you can do yourself on how to overcome dartitis.

Therefore, I will blog about the other at another time and that is working with the subconscious at a much deeper level.

So, please keep tuned with my editorials to come.


Importantly, the cycle can be broken but be WARNED, it takes effort on your part. You will have to get involved with a new positive habit.

To clarify, the neural pathways can be pruned and destroyed and allowed to die away so they no longer exist or function.

For this reason, the brain can change physically and we know that now and it’s called neuroplasticity (fact).


In conclusion, there is a 4 step cycle to do it yourself.


1. Associate – into the problem state.
2.Dissociate – from the problem state.
3. Associate – into a resourceful state.
4. Collapse – the problem habit on itself.

The above 4 step process can be used on any habit but it takes effort.

Ultimately, giving up on the cold keys on strings, the blankets and the icy buckets may well be your new pathway out of dartitis.

But, be warned HOPE is not a strategy for success.

A.D.A.C could well be your strategy of action that works and opens up a new enjoyable pathway where you can let go with ease of those darts again.

pathway to hope image on dartitis help editorial

I hope you enjoyed this editorial about dartitis help and that you will continue to enjoy my editorials on performance coaching techniques.


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Mark Pettigrew – Mind Coach & Clinical Hypnotist.

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image of a man with his hands over his face on the panic attack symptom

Panic Attack Symptoms: “No You Are Not Going Mad!”

The following will be covered in this page in regards to panic attack symptoms:

First things first and I can't stress this enough to you!

So, there has been much written about panic attacks and it is my intention to bring some sense into it for you.

Next, I really want this page to make sense in a basic and practical way that is useful.

Lastly, please use the self help notes to learn what to do for yourself because you can take control for free.

What is covered in the blog page:

Thinking about panic attacks and symptoms!

image of a neural pathway for panic attack symptoms page

Panic attack symptoms you may experience.

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Why does the brain create panic anyway?

It is a commonly held view that panic is created by a part of the brain known as the Limbic system.

Also, the Limbic system is refered to as a reptilian throwback of how our brains were when we were reptiles.

That said and at that time we never spoke or had cognitive language. 

So, knowing that makes sense that this part of the brain processes using filters like sight, hearing, smell, taste and physical touch. 

This is how the brain recieves information from our filtering senses. 

So, this list of things may help you to put logic into your thinking about why and how things happen.

image of the brain used on panic attack symptoms page

What's the good news, regarding self help?

Initially realise that your brain has been spooked by something around it and this is about basic survival.

This is vitally important: Your brain may have picked up something visually, by smell, by taste or by using hearing or by touch only. 

This may have been a trigger from a past experience or memory connected to what your brain noticed using one of these filters.

It is important to begin to do 7/11 diaphragmatic breathing straight away.

Also, you can do bilateral stimulation to reduce anxiety and stress.

Another alternative is to use meridian 6 point tapping to calm things down.

Additionally this can return the body into homeostasis. Please click the word for an explanation. 

But really its the balanced relaxing state of your body where it stops adrenalin being produced.

So importantly, to find all of the above free exercises they can be found in my Facebook live video transmissions by just clicking Here now.

In conclusion: Working together to tidy up negative past experiences.

How to book a panic attack help session.

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Mark Pettigrew

image of Mark Pettigrew a Paisley hypnotherapist wearing a black shirt

The confidence and self esteem puzzle

Help is at hand so please look around

Information video about how I can help you.

Confidence and self-esteem can seem elusive to all of us at certain times of our lives.

Especially when we get bogged down, stuck or just completely lost. So does this sound familiar?

If this seems familiar and you want help please read on. photo on confidence page of a jigsaw

Unravelling the puzzle of what you would like to happen. So when working out what confidence actually means it has to be defined in personal terms.

Let’s make 2 deals here ok?

Stay away from self-esteem for now and only put our attention of confidence ok?

Also no “I don’t want this and I don’t want that” thinking or answers. Ok?

You may spot how self-esteem adjusts itself when confidence is given your full attention and quality thinking. So self-esteem is off limits, for now, that’s the deal.

Finally comes the action once confidence is understood and defined as a reality.


Moving from stuck thinking and creating movement.

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Heres a universal truth. Most people haven’t sat down and looked at the nuts and bolts of what it is they actually want.

It seems they can just term their problem and for some that can be a massive thing. It is even something for some that has become about their whole life not happening.

Also if you don’t know what confidence looks, feels or sounds like how can you even get it?

So let’s consider your current map.


Confidence page - image of a map

We have to define what confidence means within your world. For anyone, the universal larger terms have to be used to get you focussed on what this all means.

And this is how we do it by unravelling the puzzle through questions to define what you want.


Vision is a powerful lens to look at the world you want to have.

That’s the point of getting you to define how confidence manifests in your future so we can build you up to get you there.

Doing this helps you work towards building confidence and getting higher self-esteem by building on good behaviours.

confidence page - clapperboard image

So how do we get you to tap into your potential and take action?

It's this simple:

You can do all of the above yourself or get in touch and talk to me about a course in confidence building.

Or check out the life coaching area by clicking HERE


Last word here:

Did you spot how when you build in being confident that self-esteem just grows too and comes with it?

That’s why I left it out of the equation because when we focus on you being confident we really don’t need to do much work on self-esteem, do we?


How to book a confidence session.

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Mark Pettigrew

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My mind is too strong to be hypnotised

Information video about how I can help you.

This is a very common statement indeed. I have heard this quite a lot over the years and its easy enough explained when talking about hypnosis.

Because whatever you think your right about being hypnotised or not depending on your position on hypnosis.

I have heard things like these over the years loads of times:


So what do you think someone is really telling me here?

And be honest whypnosis page image of hypnotic pictureith yourself!


This is what they are generally saying to me or to you – I refuse to be hypnotised.


That’s all a person is saying. End of story!

So if we flip this on its head and you re-read the 3 statements above in another way they could actually mean this.

Let me help you with a little secret here.

it is all about trust and you trusting the hypnotherapist/hypnotist to help you get the changes you want with hypnosis.

It’s really that simple when you consider using hypnotherapy.

hypnosis page image showing many colours as abstract

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I am not there YET

So if you are using the first kind of statements that your mind is too strong to be hypnotised it perhaps just means your not ready yet. And the word YET signifies the limit of your understanding that’s all.


Broadly for me, I meet 2 types of people:

People that have been hypnotised before and enjoyed every minute and were wowed by the changes and relaxation of hypnosis. This is a valuable experience for them with hypnosis.


And the other type of people

People that need to be convinced by asking me questions to feel safe and that confidentiality is paramount. They are only the people that are not there yet!

Either way here once you know the answers to the questions then nothing will stop you being hypnotised will it? That’s as long as they satisfy your criteria of safety and confidentiality.

So if you want to really be hypnotised it’s going to happen Period – end of story. It’s that simple.


Top tip:

With your hypnotic change work find someone you like and trust to help you. Even if that means in the first session you don’t do hypnosis. Yes, you heard me right!

So map out what you want to have happen and if that means 1 hour of asking questions it’s your time and money.

Nothing can stop you being hypnotised once you decide that hypnosis is for you. Because all the hypnotist/hypnotherapist does is help you go in even deeper than you already can.

So working with someone else just means you can improve what you already do as you already have hypnosis skills.

So the best thing to do is if you don’t trust your hypnotist/hypnotherapist or hypnosis yet is ask loads of questions.

Because once you have satisfied your curiosity your powerful mind is good to go into hypnosis.



hypnotherapy page - hypnotic spiral image

So for more information on Hypnotherapy please click – HERE

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Mark Pettigrew

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Weight Management / loss Paisley - Special Offer

Weight Loss Are You At A Loss With Weight Loss?

Don’t you think the way you think about weight loss can have you piling back on the same old weight?

Wouldn’t you agree that your results about what you want are determined by how you talk and think? Well for me weight loss is exactly the same. weight loss image


If you speak in a certain way then your results will be in the way of your inner talk even if it is at an unconscious level you are messing up your results and your head.


I am not going to promise you an overnight avalanche of fat falling off your body. But what I will promise is that if you read on I will open your eyes to some really simple powerful stuff.

The bottom line is that:

I am going to show you how to get rid of sabotaging language and start to use words and thinking that helps you “get shot of fat”

I can’t emphasise this enough:

The weight loss industry in part has been set up to make you fail. let’s face it this industry needs repeat customers to keep buying and buying its products over and over again.

Crappy language 101 (the positives)

  • Diet – the first 3 letters spell DIE. An unconscious failure word. Spot this and never use the word again in reference to what you are doing. Stop saying DIET NOW.
  • Loss – when you lose something you search and search for it until you find it. Think about when you lost your house or car keys. This is a failure programme already running which keeps you searching for lost weight. Stop saying LOSE NOW.
  • Weight – weight loss is unspecific and just refers to a part of you so your energy is depleting because it focuses on weight. Whatever that even means. This is a confusion in itself. You need to be after FAT. Stop saying WEIGHT NOW.

Specific compelling and motivating language 101

  • Body fat – this is what you are after getting rid of. Let’s get specific on what we are targeting here. If you talk about fat then its raw, emotional and real and this can really drive you forwards. Start talking about FAT NOW
  • Shedding, binning off, demolishing, dissolving, eradicating fat. All of these words imply the fat is going and gone for good with no desire to have it back. Start using words that mean it’s gone for good NOW.
  • Using “I am” “I can” “I will” statements that imply intent and direction. Never use “I should” or “I will try” as these have failure built into them. Start using these words Now.

The last word from me on weight loss:weight loss image

This is about personal power and not allowing it to leak to other things or people. A diet implies you are giving away your power to a thing outside of yourself – a diet. You are all the power you need and a diet won’t keep you motivated. Tap into your own inner resources like setting goals, having a vision and using people, the internet, and other resources to make things work for you. And hypnotherapy can be amazing to do that! Have a real emotional, raw, compelling reason for doing it as this is truly motivating. Really work this one out and you will succeed.

OK, so the very last word!

When people say to you “you look great now” “oh you have lost a lot of weight” take the compliment, thank the person and say to them “thanks for noticing, I look and feel great and I agree with you” (people love to be agreed with trust me) So for more information on this please check out Weight Loss Hypnotherapy


  • You must remember to make this about you and give yourself credit for the tiniest change. Note it in a book or in some written form.
  • If you can look back and give yourself credit for the tiniest change and note it in a book or in some written form this is a record and proof.
  • If you can look back as the weight falls off and your jeans are slacker take careful note and give yourself credit consciously this is important for motivation.
  Thanks again for reading my editorials and if you want to talk things over please contact me HERE for more information on Weight Management not weight loss 🙂



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“Quietening The Critical Voice” – Life Coaching Series

Coaching yourself to shut down an annoying voice in your head.


Many of us have or have had a voice in our head that just won’t shut up, go away or quieten haven’t we?


The truth is we all have a voice inside our head and thankfully and in, most cases it’s our own voice. and that’s just called thinking.


But some people have a voice that criticises them, is too loud or just won’t shut up or give them peace. I have had it in the past myself where my own inner dialogue just drove me to distraction and literally did my head in.

I have had it in the past myself where my own inner dialogue just drove me to distraction and literally did my head in.



It is my intention to show you 3 simple life coaching techniques to either shut down that voice for good or take control of it.

Interested in learning them?


The first and in my opinion the most powerful is changing the way you write. Yes, a simple stroke of a pen can shut that voice off completely.

Through graphology taught to me by Mike Mandel it can be spotted and remedied.

If you write the cross bar when writing the letter T from right to left you probably have an overbearing inner voice.

By writing the cross bar from right to left you have set up “willpower directed against self”

The simple coaching remedy = write the cross bar from left to right. It’s that simple and powerful to change immediately.


The second – slacken your jaw, let it shift slightly forward, relax the jaw and breathe calmly. Yes, it’s that simple and powerful.


The third – whilst having a slackened jaw as above – Touch your tongue to the inside of your upper teeth. To supercharge this imagine you have a droplet of water between your tongue and your upper teeth.

To supercharge this imagine you have a droplet of water between your tongue and your upper teeth.


So as I said all you need are 3 simple and powerful coaching techniques to take control of your head.


Easy NLP technique "Quietening the critical voice" (2019)


Once again thanks for reading my life coaching editorials. lease allow yourself to comment below and tell me what you want me to write about next.

And please comment below and tell me what you want me to write about next.


Best wishes



Diagonal Reframe – Life coaching series

Diagonal Reframe – Life coaching series

Diagonal Reframe - Life coaching series

So continuing this life coaching series with the diagonal reframe NLP technique. This can change how you feel very quickly and move you into a resourceful state in an instant.


The diagonal reframe is a brand new technique and cutting edge so please stay tuned for how to do it in this post.


This has been taught to me by my mentor Mike Mandel. Mike has continued to be at the cutting edge of personal change and communication since 1975. He still continues to astound us with what he brings to personal development.


So the great news is that the diagonal reframe is quick, easy to do and changes emotional issues in an instant. So follow the procedure I will outline now. Or just skip to the video right at the bottom of this post.


Remember when you reframe something you change the way you feel, view or consider something to a completely new perspective.


The diagonal reframe and how to do it with ease.


Take a feeling and as an example feeling lazy. Take that feeling and really get in touch with its embodied intensity and how it actually manifests and feels in your body.

Note: this is not for trauma


  1. Stand with your shoulders and head looking forward comfortably locked in that forward position. Look down and to your right. Almost as if you are looking just to the area to the right of your right foot.
  2. Really get a sense of that emotional feeling of lazy being in this area and manifest it physically. Really work this feeling up and intensify it.
  3. Imagine you take it between your hands and grab the lazy feeling.
  4. Move the lazy feeling from this area and move it through the area of the bridge of your nose. Then up to your top left.
  5. Notice the picture that the lazy feeling has now become. If you see a picture then good. If you are like me and you just know what it is by words then that’s good too. If you have to pretend what the picture is then just do what works and allow your unconscious to tell you what it is.
  6. Smile, breathe, shut your eyes, shake off your body and relax.
  7. Now notice how that feeling has completely gone and check it has worked.


The diagonal reframe is that simple and easy to do.


Note: If you are left handed the following video explains that the positions are shifted to the bottom left and then to top right.


If this is not working for you then you really have to get the physical feelings and manifest them and trust that you can and will do this.

Also, trust what your unconscious mind throws up as a picture just trust it. As I said it could be an actual picture.

Or just words so just accept them or if you have to pretend then just pretend.


Please see this video of how to do the diagonal reframe and how easy it is to do.


The easy diagonal reframe personal easy NLP technique (2021)


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Once again thanks for blogging with me and please comment and contact me to discuss anything I can help you with.



6 Point Energy Tapping Technique – Life coaching series

6 Point Energy Tapping Technique – Life Coaching Series.


I have continued this life coaching series with an energy tapping technique you can use anywhere. The whole point of this series is to empower you with skills that will change your current state and reality quickly.


This technique is completely new and from a  master of personal change and communication. Mike Mandel has been an expert in this field since 1975 so stay tuned for something completely new.


If you know anything about this I’m sure you will agree that many energy tapping regimes are complex, take time and mental effort to remember and apply so can be awkward to master.

The great news is this energy tapping technique is simple, powerful and easy to learn.

6 Point Energy Tapping Technique - Life coaching series


I will take you through it point by point then show you in a youtube video you can use if you prefer to reference it there.


The technique is usable for emotional issues as well as physical aches and pains as well.

Which makes this a great all round resource to carry with you in your back pocket and use.

So how to do the energy tapping technique.

Note: When tapping, tap in the spot I show you in the video around 7-10 times with a force that you know you are actually tapping with some force but won’t hurt or bruise yourself.


  1. Firstly score the thing/issue/problem/situation that you want to change. Use a scale of 0-10 where 0 is completely flat and has no pain or emotional intensity at all. 10 is the maximum discomfort it could possibly be.
  2. Tune into the physical and emotional feeling of the thing that is bothering you that you want to change and manifest it completely (also score it again) and keep it present.
  3. Tap on the top of your head 7-10 times saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap. You can say this out loud or in your head.
  4. Tap on the front of your forehead with your 4 finger tips vertical 7-10 times saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap.
  5. Tap on the edge of your eye right on the bone saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap.
  6. Tap right under your eye on the radial part of the bone saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap.
  7. Tap on your collarbone saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap.
  8. Hold onto your wrist for the time it would take 7-10 taps saying “let it go, let it go, let it go” each time you tap.
  9. Breath in, then breathe out, dropping your arms saying “Peace”.
  10. Shake off your body and let go of the process completely.


Now score the thing you were working on again and once you have a number do the complete sequence over again.

Re score at the end and continue doing this until the thing you are working on is at a score of zero and completely flat.


Please see this video for the whole process of the energy tapping technique.


6 point energy tapping technique (2021) anxiety, stress help Paisley - Click here please



Note: please make sure you are well hydrated for this and away from electrical sources and technology like computers and mobile phones.


I would like to give credit for this energy tapping technique to my mentor Dr Mike Mandel and you can find his website here.


If you want more information on detailed life coaching please click Here.

Or contact me HERE for a free 30-minute consultation Now.


Once again many thanks for following my blog posts and please comment below.


Best wishes.