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Anxiety relabeled as excitement changes everything!

Anxiety and excitement are virtually the same physical feeling.

Part 1

So, harnessing that nervous sense can improve your performance (proven).

It has been well studied that there is a very fine line between excitement and anxiety.

Consider these physical feelings:

  • A high heart rate.
  • Butterflies in your stomach.
  • Sweaty hands.
  • Feeling nervous.

Does that sound like excitement to you?

Your nervous system just booted up or activated itself into anxiety or excitement.

excited man jumping

Our interpretation is the game changer!

Anxiety = bad

Excitement = good


So, rather than working to get rid of anxiety which most people do let me tell you what is easier and more effective.

  • Changing your point of view on it.
  • Changing the label.
  • Reframing it.

It is much more subtle than that and avoids battles.

Most people I start out with want to fight stress or anxiety but that battle is just exhausting.

This is the way of the ego mind rather than the thinking smart mind.

When you have virtually the same physical feeling but call it something different then what happens?

You feel more emotionally and physically well and perform better that’s what!

Thus, anxiety now becomes verbalised as “excitement” – the new useful label.

Keep posted for part 2 of how to do this with relative ease.

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Panic Attack Symptoms: “No You Are Not Going Mad!”

The following will be covered in this page in regards to panic attack symptoms:

First things first and I can't stress this enough to you!

So, there has been much written about panic attacks and it is my intention to bring some sense into it for you.

Next, I really want this page to make sense in a basic and practical way that is useful.

Lastly, please use the self help notes to learn what to do for yourself because you can take control for free.

What is covered in the blog page:

Thinking about panic attacks and symptoms!

image of a neural pathway for panic attack symptoms page

Panic attack symptoms you may experience.

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Why does the brain create panic anyway?

It is a commonly held view that panic is created by a part of the brain known as the Limbic system.

Also, the Limbic system is refered to as a reptilian throwback of how our brains were when we were reptiles.

That said and at that time we never spoke or had cognitive language. 

So, knowing that makes sense that this part of the brain processes using filters like sight, hearing, smell, taste and physical touch. 

This is how the brain recieves information from our filtering senses. 

So, this list of things may help you to put logic into your thinking about why and how things happen.

image of the brain used on panic attack symptoms page

What's the good news, regarding self help?

Initially realise that your brain has been spooked by something around it and this is about basic survival.

This is vitally important: Your brain may have picked up something visually, by smell, by taste or by using hearing or by touch only. 

This may have been a trigger from a past experience or memory connected to what your brain noticed using one of these filters.

It is important to begin to do 7/11 diaphragmatic breathing straight away.

Also, you can do bilateral stimulation to reduce anxiety and stress.

Another alternative is to use meridian 6 point tapping to calm things down.

Additionally this can return the body into homeostasis. Please click the word for an explanation. 

But really its the balanced relaxing state of your body where it stops adrenalin being produced.

So importantly, to find all of the above free exercises they can be found in my Facebook live video transmissions by just clicking Here now.

In conclusion: Working together to tidy up negative past experiences.

How to book a panic attack help session.

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Mark Pettigrew

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Anxiety Busting Tool Kit For Control

Anxiety Busting – Introduction

anxiety busting


When we are anxious our thoughts, feelings and emotions can and do get way out of control and we can often feel overpowered and helpless.

I meet people on a regular basis and help them regain that control and it’s no coincidence that the prevalent word that they use is the word “control” when we speak.

so by helping people see that they can actually influence, disrupt and change these patterns in some way gives people a glimmer of hope and understanding that control is possible and they can and do take it back.

Don’t get me wrong this is not one of those posts that promises the earth and leaves you flat after that. You will have to take part in running your own affairs and driving your own bus again!

So if you stick with me I will show you ways of changing the physical, auditory and visual things that trouble you and help you disrupt those patterns to make room for the things that serve you better!

For some people, they find that hypnotherapy helps them to make the changes.


Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT And Tapping


How to change the physical effects of anxiety on the body


How to change the voices and words in your head

How to change the pictures and movies you play in your head



So with the above videos you can influence the physical, auditory and visual aspects of anxiety and you should be able to get some relief and respite from troubling thoughts.

If you have any questions or want to explore this deeper then please get in touch and schedule a free 30 minute consultation by clicking the red HERE now

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