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Start from the best place with life coaching and depression

There are life coaches out there that would take your money if you have depression but please read this first!


I have often had enquiries about life coaching from people that have experienced episodepression and life coaching free yourself from rigid thinking imagedes of depression. You may well see from the tone of my writing that I am very passionate about my own opinion (my own opinion is only my own thoughts and are mine only – disclaimer)



Why am I passionate? To give you some context depression can be overcome, beaten and cured, yes you heard me right there! Depression is not a life sentence, it’s not a disease and it’s not something you are born with. I want the best for every person that reads this or contacts me and I will give them my honest opinion and why I am passionate about people being advised well and helped by the right people.


I am a caring person and want to make sure I don’t come across as an arse hole that is overbearing and the world’s authority because I am not. I want the best for every person that reads this or contacts me and I will give them my opinion and why I am passionate about people being served safely and powerfully.


Depression is something that needs careful and skilful therapists who work with and practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness – note: this is not a complete list of treatments but I would say CBT is a must coupled with mindfulness.


These therapists help people understand the ins and outs of the disorder and how it can be worked with, overcome and cured. I know I am intentionally hitting my point home here but people need to be helped to reorder their thinking and relearn thinking styles that help them balance, view the world from differing positions and create thinking styles that are not rigid. And this can be done believe me.


How much and how many sessions of therapy?

You should be looking at circa £50 per session and expect to work with the therapist for a minimum of 12 sessions to get things back on an even keel. (this is just a suggested minimum of sessions and investment)

Please contact Colin Mitchell at the Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre for that who I wholeheartedly trust and refer you to and please call him on 0141 332 0229 or email him HERE  Please tell them you have contacted them through me and been referred by me.


Then the future could be yours to move right into with a life coach like me. So please see, feel and hear this as a gift from me to you and don’t waste a single penny on life coaching if you feel there is work to be done to resolve any depression.


So back to life coaching

Life coaching may be appropriate AFTER a person has worked with a therapist that is skilled in depression and helped the person adapt to using day to day recovery and coping plans and skills. But not before therapy!

A person has to be in a good place to be coached and able to have the ability to create the future from many points of view and thinking styles. If these thinking styles are not in place you are throwing your money away with a coach and might as well flush it down the toilet as far as I am concerned.


If you have resolved depression and want to build a future that is based on what you want rather than what you don’t want the time could be right.


depression and life coaching image look to the future photoFrom me to you and don’t waste a single penny on life coaching if you feel there is work to be done on depression still.


I would be happy to help you with life coaching but please think about your own self in the safest possible way firstly.

Please contact me HERE to discuss coaching now or just call me on 07894900244.


Once again thanks for reading my editorials and please comment on what you want me to write about next.



Starting your own journey of change

Change – Creating That By Yourself

I have spotted something really useful by people who have worked with me successfully that I want to share with you. It has made me wonder if people even realise that this is a big part of change and that they would just benefit by understanding what I have seen.

Are you interested yet to know about it and what I have seen and experienced for myself?


Starting your own journey of change image


Well for me the people that can take the first step them self of getting in touch with me via text, email, facebook or any other electronic format have started their own change process is the first thing I have seen that works straight away.


People that take the initiative have consciously or even unconsciously started their own process of change from that instant they get in touch with me because it’s a crucial step.


Then people take the next step of having a free consultation by phone or face to face with me. This for me is really useful so they can just feel heard and I can understand what they want to change. It’s really important you are heard and listened to deeply and actively so you know you have been heard and understood in the aspect of what you want.


This builds trust before we even meet and helps you to know that I am the right person to help you to get to where you want to get to. Then they go ahead themself and make a booking and pay for it before they come here which is a further commitment to what they want and change.


So when we meet face to face to create change and start that journey you have already started it because you initiated the beginning. This may sound very simple and maybe too simple but trust me the people that take the time and effort to make sure they have done the above get far better results just by doing these steps:


  1. Make  contact with me (Contact me here Now)
  2. Book a free consultation (Reserve one here Now)
  3. Book and pay for a session upfront and in advance


I really felt this was important to write about and give credit to people by bringing it to their awareness. It is my mission to help people see that they are far more powerful than their problems. Working together is important to create change and yet you can do those things easily when you decide what you want.


Once again thanks for blogging with me and I really hope you will comment, share and contact me so I can help you.


Best wishes and thanks again.



Hypnotherapy – If I had a £1 for every time someone said “you are not turning me into a chicken”!

photo of a chicken


If I hear “there is no way you are going to make me act like a chicken” or “ look into my eyes not around my eyes but into my eyes” again I will most probably scream!

Isnt it strange how folk mock what they have no clue about and hyopnotise themselves into believing it? Now isn’t that an example of cultural hypnosis and mind control?

Yes its true stage hypnotists get people to eat onions and have them thinking they are apples and doing other entertaining things.

What most people don’t consider is that EVERY person on that stage wants to be up there and has an unconscious agenda about the attention they get. Stage hypnotists are expert at picking their so called victims and artfully setting them up for success!

Now on the other hand that is a solid demonstration of the power of the mind being as that person wants to be hypnotised and enter trance by their own free will! It’s all voluntary and the person involved wants these changes to happen. Surely that just shows how powerful our minds are?

So why hypnotherapy?

Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say to coin an old saying. Trance and hypnosis date back to ancient Egyptian times where they had temples connected with hypnosis so thats a long long time.

During the British Empire in India doctors regularly used hypnosis whilst they operated on patients and had a far better mortality rate than doctors that practiced using chloroform to put people out in Britain at the same time.

Hypnotherapy has an amazing ability for someone to access their unconscious mind and change habits with the aid of a clinical hypnotherapist like myself who can suggest the agreed changes you want. Yes you heard me right, change their own habits!

Talking of facts, a person can only change habits or behaviours that they actually want to change. A third party i.e. a clinical hypnotherapist can NOT make a person do anything under hypnosis that goes against their own free will or personal ethics and that’s a fact!

So what’s hypnotherapy or hypnosis actually like in real life?

If you think of when you day dream and that point before you just drop off to sleep and that point where you just wake up it’s quite a similar feeling or experience isn’t it? You are actually in a state of altered consciousness between being awake and asleep which is commonly known as trance.

This is the point where your conscious mind relaxes to the point where it is not constantly on guard and watching out for every single thing around you. It’s so relaxing and it’s like when you day dream about that special place you love to go to in your minds eye and imagine and often take one or two deep breaths when you do and feel really calm and relaxed now, Its so relaxing when you think of that place isn’t it?

So when a skilled and qualified hypnotherapist invites you into this very relaxed and safe place the magic of change can take place and the suggestions you want to happen safely  to improve your life for the better can be suggested to your unconscious mind which is now wide open and listening to the hypnotherapist!

For more information on what Hypnosis can change please Click Here and surprise yourself on how versatile and powerful a therapy it is.

photo of onions

Anyway talking about onions again isn’t it strange how your mouth just watered thinking about onions? That’s the power of suggestion is it not?

Change the habits you want to change and be free using a therapy that actually works and is straight forward and enjoyable!

Thanks for blogging with me again and please “Like” “Share” or “Comment” and help others with this post today.


P.S. this documentary really shows what hypnotherapy is all about


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