Anger Management Coaching

Anger Management Coaching

For anger management coaching you have came to the right person for help.



This page covers the following so please take time to read how I can help:


  • What is anger management?anger management: image of two clenched fists
  • What is anger?
  • What can you do about controlling your anger and learning new skills?
  • What can I do to help you with anger management?
  • How to contact me?


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What Is Anger Management?


  • Anger management is a term that has come about because of a growing need for people that need help with self-control.


  • It describes a way that people cope and deal with anger which is out of control. Also in some cases dangerous for the person affected.



What Is Anger?


  • Anger is an emotion that is a normal part of peoples lives and a way in which we express our emotions.
  • Anger can be expressed physically and mentally and is one of the most basic human emotions.
  • Anger can express itself physically through increased heartbeat, increased breathing, clenched fists and tension in and around the shoulders.
  • Anger can take many forms from rage, irritation to resentment and can be manifested from personal history.

What Can You Do About Controlling Anger And Learning Anger Management Skills?

By yourself and for free you could:

  1. Take up exercise.anger management: image of a frustrated man sitting.
  2. Learn stress control techniques.
  3. Eat a healthy diet.
  4. Control alcohol intake or stop altogether.
  5. Stop smoking.
  6. Get into a regular sleeping pattern of between 7-8 hours per night.


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What I Can Do To Help You With Anger Management


In the first place, I want to know your history and the reasons you think you get so angry.

I want to know this because I want to understand how your anger starts and manifests in real life.

That may sound a bit strange or weird and that’s because I want to help you change the way you do anger.

I don’t go over and over your story like some therapist or counsellors who in a way retraumatise people by going over old ground continuously.

I want the key points for clues on how to help you change your behaviours into ones that serve you and for you to be happy in the quickest possible way.



How Do I Help You Change Your Behaviours With Anger Management?


I have many types of modern and traditional approaches that work that I can help you to change with.

The reason that is important is that every single person is completely individual and unique and that is how I approach things.

Please remember this is a partnership where you will learn a lot about yourself and change for the better because that is probably your number 1 need.

Coming to see me means that I will help you learn new ways of coping for after our work is completed. This is usually done over an average session time of 6 sessions.

This means that you can take away strategies and tools to use in your life long after you have stopped seeing me.


What To Do Next If You Have A Question About Anger Management?


Please call or schedule a free 30-minute face to face or phone consultation where I can explain things and also answer any questions you have.

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I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you with anger management.

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