IBS Treatment


What is IBS?

  • IBS or Irritable bowel syndrome is a long term condition of the digestive tract and is very common in this area of Scotland.
  • It can cause stomach cramps, diarrhoea and bloating and can cause great discomfort to the affected person.
  • Twice as many women are affected than men and it’s believed this condition affects up to 20% of the population.


What Can I Do To Help You With IBS Treatment?


I can help you lessen your pain and discomfort with IBS so please contact me as soon as possible.

Using modern approaches like hypnotherapy/hypnosis we can use your unconscious mind to change how your body is being affected. This often has the effect of changing your internal processes and also can create healing and better health.

By using mindfulness I can help you learn symptom control measures and pain control as well.

I can also help you with anxiety coping strategies, symptom scrambling techniques and other techniques for when you are on your own.

The approaches I use are specially designed so you can use them effectively in your own life to improve things for yourself once learned and out on your own.





How Do I Help You Change your Relationship with IBS?


By seeing that there are psychological techniques and practical coping methods you can use to lessen physical pain and anxiety this can help you to become empowered and back in control of your life and IBS.

By changing your relationship with IBS this often has profound effects on your motivation and mental well-being and motivation too.


What To Do Next If You Have A Question About IBS Treatment?


Please call or schedule a free 30-minute face to face or phone consultation where I can explain things for you and answer any questions you may have.

Please just click the word SCHEDULE here to do that.


Just call me on 07894900244


How To Get To My Office From Glasgow Or Paisley


  • My office is within easy reach of Glasgow city center and the center of Paisley.
  • There is ample free parking here and my office is within easy walking distance of two train stations.
  • Trains from Glasgow run every 10 minutes during the day.
  • Buses also run from Glasgow every 10 minutes daily.


I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you with IBS Treatment.