IBS Treatment


IBS Treatment

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What’s the bottom line here for you on this page?

This page contains the following about Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatment:

  • The facts about IBS.
  • Details of the treatment of IBS.
  • Can IBS be cured?
  • How to book a free 15-minute phone conversation.
  • And, working remotely using video calls.

These are the facts we know about IBS.

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IBS Treatment – I can help you lessen your pain and discomfort.

Working together in a session:

We can use approaches like hypnotherapy/hypnosis where your subconscious mind changes how your body is being affected internally.

Ultimately, this often has the effect of changing your internal processes and also can create healing and better health.

On your own when you are away from my office:

This is important, 

You will have effective techniques that you will have learned that can help you to relax, cope better, manage pain and heal your body in your own time.

Stress management as well as dietary changes have great benefits to you becoming better.

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Can IBS be cured and stopped?

In conclusion, 

In certain cases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been stopped using hypnosis and modern psychological approaches of treatment.

Additionally, other people have been able to lessen the pain and discomfort of IBS.

Please note also,

By treating the cause rather than the symptoms then there is hope for a positive outcome. 

Online IBS treatment and help is so easy now

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You do not have to come here for IBS treatment anymore.

You  can quite easily work with me remotely using Zoom, Skype or facetime.

Please ask me about the simplicity of this.

How easy is it to get to my Paisley office?

  • My office is within easy walking distance of two train stations in Paisley where trains from Glasgow run every 10 minutes.​
  • There is ample free car parking.
  • My office is within easy travel distance of Glasgow and the center of Paisley
  • Buses travel to and from Paisley and Glasgow every 10 minutes during the day.

How to book an IBS Treatment session.

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