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Insomnia and sleep issues using hypnotherapy as a cure

Insomnia Hypnotherapy


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This is important about this insomnia page:

Most of all this page tells you about:

  • The truth about poor sleep and how to help yourself.
  • How I can help you.
  • About my discounted insomnia package.
  • How to contact me and arrange a free 15 min phone consultation.

The truth about poor sleep and insomnia

Firstly, many things about our lives cause and influence insomnia and sleep problems including:
  • Stress that’s happening in your life.
  • Not having a going to bed routine that’s beneficial.
  • Stimulants that affect your body.
  • Electronic devices can actually waken you up.
  • A bedroom that’s not set up well for a good nights sleep.

Ultimately, working these habits out can be the key to unlocking your problem.

Maybe insomnia hypnotherapy could be the answer for you.

So, for more information about hypnotherapy you can find that by clicking hypnotherapy.

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The bottom line is

First of all, we need to set up your life so you are going to bed so that routine works for you. 

This is the first thing we have to talk about and organise even before discussing hypnotherapy for insomnia.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping and have insomnia then hypnotherapy for insomnia is something you must consider if we work together.

In conclusion, Hypnosis is very natural, safe and useful to get the changes you need in place at a deeper level to lessen stress and help you sleep at night.

I can’t emphasise this enough

First of all, rest assured there will be a good and beneficial reason your unconscious mind is keeping you awake at night. 

Also, everything your unconscious mind does is to protect you and keep you alive.

Even bad behaviours have good intentions in my opinion. 

So, once we work out the reason your unconscious is doing this we can create change and get you on the road to a much better nights sleep.

Insomnia hypnotherapy package details:

  • Sessions should be used up over 15 days to 30 days maximum for best effect.
  • 3 x 75-minute sessions for only £160.00. Payment is made in advance.
  • This is a discount of 20% of the normal session price.
  • Online video stress and coping techniques to help you after and during the sessions.
  • NOTE: 3 sessions are a typical package length as everyone is different and may need more or less. This session price will be honoured for any additional sessions in a 6 month timeframe for any issue at all you may need them for.

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“I found the three sessions I had with Mark to be highly effective and as a result feel a lot happier, confident, and I am now sleeping again. I was suffering from chronic insomnia for over six months and decided to try hypnosis as an alternative to medication which made me really drowsy the next day. After the first session, my sleeping seemed to be ‘reprogrammed’ and I felt much more relaxed at bedtime. The next two sessions Marked tailored exercises to me to help with ways of being more positive and help with situations that I have been avoiding for the last few years. I have to say that I now feel I am ready to tackle these things. Mark is very down to earth and seems to genuinely care.”
Renfrewshire, December 2017

How to book an Insomnia Hypnotherapy session.

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Mark Pettigrew

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