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I now work exclusively using a process called PSYCH-K®


In my opinion it is far superior to classic hypnosis or hypnotherapy to get rid of phobias.


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What are the important things for you to know about on this phobia help page?

This is so true:

Firstly, phobias are very common and trouble so many people these days however you need not suffer endlessly as I can help you.

Secondly, phobia help and coaching which leads to a happy life is achievable and in most cases very straightforward.

What is a phobia?

Definition of a phobia:

An extreme fear or dislike of a particular thing or situation, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained.

“Once you can’t access the phobia feelings you won’t be troubled anymore”

How to deal with phobias

Ultimately, phobias can be treated using comfortable quick safe modern psychological techniques including:

As a result when a person can not access a traumatic memory emotionally the following happens:

Types of common phobias

Common phobias include:

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“I had ongoing anxiety problems with my job for 17 years and problems with a compulsive disorder after therapy from Mark the problem has gone and gave me back my confidence. I would recommend Mark to anyone suffering from these problems or any phobias as the therapy does work it was just a pity it took me all that time to find Mark for phobia help.”
J Bradley

So, how many sessions will you need to treat your phobia?

While, some people only need 1 session however it can take up to 3 sessions to successfully treat a phobia permanently.

I feel it is important to emphasise that to you.

How to book a Phobia Treatment session.

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Mark Pettigrew

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