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What is Tinnitus and how can tinnitus treatment help?

First of all, If you have the slightest question about tinnitus treatment please contact me.

Finally just message me with the slightest thing and I will reply to you.

To summarise, please watch the video underneath and read the whole page to see how I can help you

Information video about how I can help you.

Tinnitus treatment page index:

In fact, tinnitus is a chronic ear condition that affects 10% of the UK population.

The following are common tinnitus problems and can be permanent or semi permanent.

So, you are not alone and rest assured I can help you!

Common Tinnitus problems

So, what to do next about Tinnitus.

Firstly, you must see a medical professional to rule out:

tinnitus treatment

This is equally important, please contact me firstly where I can arrange a discounted hearing assessment test at Darroch Hearing in their Glasgow clinic.

This is to clarify there are no physical reasons for tinnitus.

Please note: this special offer is only for people who contact me to arrange that.

What to do next about Tinnitus Treatment and Treatment courses after having had a hearing examination?

Firstly, I have put together a special treatment course to help you alleviate your symptoms of tinnitus and live a happier more relaxed life. 

Details of the course include:

To clarify, all of the above are designed primarily so you can live a happier more relaxed and less stressed life. 

Additionally, it is believed that although tinnitus is not a physical condition that stress and lack of relaxation significantly amplifies its effects.

Due to stress being a significant factor of modern lives obviously stress reduction will factor in the work we do.

Thus, my approach includes Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and other modern approaches. 

So, all are based on treatment and a process of learning and education so that you can deal with things better on your own between our sessions.

Book a FREE 15 minute conversation with me now.

So, how many treatment sessions can you expect to attend?

Firstly, I can’t emphasise this enough but I recommend you plan for 3 sessions as a minimum with me.

My sessions last 75 minutes as opposed to the normal 60 minute session.

So, please ask me about discounted packages based on a 3 session minimum arrangement.

In conclusion, it may be possible to totally eradicate the tinnitus but if that is not possible rest assured we will significantly reduce its effect on you.

Ultimately, if we reduce your stress your coping will equally improve as will your lifestyle.

How to book a Tinnitus Treatment session.

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Mark Pettigrew

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