Weight Loss

Weight Loss and weight management

Why hypnotherapy for weight loss?

weight loss hypnotherapy and hypnosis Paisley

Well weight loss can be a huge thing to the majority of people in this country and the bombardment of diets can be somewhat overwhelming and in the same breath totally demotivating and stressful.

  1. Are you fed up going on every diet under the sun?
  2. Having an unhealthy relationship with food?
  3. Your weight goes up and down constantly or is just not where you want it to be?
  4. Would you like to hear about other more healthy ways to approach being happy and managing your weight?


Then please read on now and see how I can help you to change with hypnotherapy and other approaches!


Many many people struggle with having a healthy weight and that’s a fact so your not on your own in this. It’s my job to help you reconnect with your inner resources and become less stressed and happy to want to make the changes to help you loose weight and keep it off.

What can we do to help you using hypnotherapy?

  • Change your relationship with food
  • Change your relationship with exercise
  • Change your relationship with yourself


Why is hypnotherapy for weight loss so useful?weight loss hypnotherapy and hypnosis Paisley

  • At an unconscious level your brain believes it is helping you and will never do anything to harm you!
  • Does this sound weird and illogical?
  • It probably does right?


Well your unconscious mind will always protect you and as you read this you may know or may not know why you have an unhealthy relationship with food and changing that relationship is the key to long lasting changes for you and your body and that’s why hypnotherapy is so useful!

Many people end up really unhappy, unhealthy and lost when it comes to healthy eating and weight management and on the main part it’s all down to the relationship they have with themselves.

This is where hypnosis and hypnotherapy come in!

Yes hypnotherapy can help you to change the way you think at a much deeper level and modify your beliefs and values about food and yourself in a long lasting way.


How does hypnotherapy to lose weight work?

We identify certain things and get your unconscious mind to protect you in better ways that actually serve you. We can identify and deal with root causes of behaviours and change those and in turn:

  • Boost confidenceweight loss hypnotherapy and hypnosis Paisley
  • Gain motivation
  • Lose old unwanted faulty habits
  • Help you be happy
  • Help you to become empowered

Next steps

Please contact me on 07894900244 today and we can arrange a free telephone consultation.

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How to get to me from Glasgow or Paisley

  • My office is within easy reach of Glasgow city center and the center of Paisley.
  • There is ample free parking here and my office is within easy walking distance of two train stations.
  • Trains from Glasgow run every 10 minutes during the day.
  • Buses also run from Glasgow every 10 minutes daily.


I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you live a healthier life.


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