Coaching Commitment

This coaching / Therapy commitment is made between myself and Mark

  • When starting on a Life Coaching / Therapy experience one of the most important elements is the commitment of the Client and Coach to each other. If you want to know more about Mark Pettigrew please click my name. This form represents the commitment I have as your coach / Therapist, and that you have, to your success and investment in yourself.
  • Our relationship is an investment on your part in time, finance and emotional energy and the following simple terms outline the framework of our relationship and how I can best serve you.
  • To get the most success from the work we do together I have outlined the following to safeguard both parties in that commitment and investment to avoid confusion and provide clarity for both people to move ahead successfully together so disputes are avoided.

Together we will:

  • Move you forward towards your goals.
  • Seek out solutions together.
  • Enjoy the sessions.
  • Agree on next steps clearly.

As your Coach / Therapist I commit to:

  • Listen, serve and support you without judgement.
  • Keep the coaching appointment within the agreed times.
  • Suggest exercises to do that I believe will be of benefit to you.
  • Keep any information during the appointments confidential. Any personal information provided will be stored securely and confidentially until a year after the relationship has ended, when they will be destroyed.
  • If information comes to light that I consider illegal or suggests that you may harm yourself or others, I reserve the right to break this confidentiality agreement by speaking to you firstly then possibly the relevant authorities.
  • I may take brief notes during or after the session to help me to plan our sessions. I do not send these notes to clients as a matter of course. Under the Data Protection Act you have a right to ask for copies of any notes I keep about your personal information.  Please note that any request must be made in writing and be accompanied by the relevant fee.

As the Client you should:

  • Make prompt prior payment 48 hours before the coaching appointment to secure it at the agreed rates for appointments or packages otherwise the appointment will be cancelled to free it up for another person.
  • Be available to commence your appointment at the agreed time on the agreed date.  This means arriving in time for face-to-face sessions or you phoning / skypeing on time for remote sessions.
  • In the case of telephone coaching, please ensure you are somewhere that you will not be disturbed or distracted for the duration of the call.
  • If you arrive, or phone, late for your appointment, you may still have to pay for the session even if it does not take place. This also could mean a reduced session duration.
  • Give a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel / reschedule. This is free of charge, otherwise you may forfeit the session and still have to pay for it.
  • Less than 48 hours notice then the session fee will be forfeited due to our not being able to fill that session commercially.
  • Making payment for sessions displays commitment to change and starts a journey of change within you before we even meet.
  • Keep a record of your goals and actions so that you can put them into practice.
  • I ask that clients take responsibility for making their own notes to support their development.  Notes will be a more powerful ‘aide memoir’ for you if written in your own words.


Either party may terminate the coaching / therapy relationship at any time through discussion with the other party.

Please note:

Clients get the best results and value by completing assignments, keeping diaries / notes as advised by the coach / therapist. No guarantees are given as part of this process and responsibility lies with the individual to take action and time to invest in their success.