Coaching / Therapy Terms and Conditions.

This coaching / Therapy commitment is made to avoid confusion and conflict.

  • When starting Coaching / Therapy one of the most important elements is the commitment of the Client and Coach to each other. The following is to prevent conflict or confusion.
  • I make it clear at the end of the initial consultation that my session average is 4/5 sessions with clients.
  • I explain that for best results sessions should be planned by you no less than 5 days apart and no more than 14 days apart for progress.
  • We discuss and agree costs together at the end of the initial consultation.

As the Client it is important that you:

  • Make prompt prior payment a minimum of 24 hours before the coaching appointment to secure it at the agreed rates or they may be cancelled to free it up for another person.
  • Be available to commence your appointment at the agreed time on the agreed date.  This means arriving in time for face-to-face sessions or you Zooming / skypeing on time for online sessions.
  • If you arrive late for your appointment, you will still be charged for the session even if it you do not turn up.
  • Give a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel / reschedule. This is free of charge.
  • Less than 24 hours notice then the session fee will be forfeited due to our not being able to fill that session commercially.
  • If you request a refund I will need to charge a 30% administration fee due to banking and admin charges incurred myself.


Either party may terminate the coaching / therapy relationship at any time through discussion with the other party.
Please note:
Notes held by me are kept secure and confidential.
Clients get the best results and value by completing assignments, keeping diaries / notes as advised by the coach / therapist. No guarantees are given as part of this process and responsibility lies with the individual to take action and time to invest in their success.