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Dartitis – Breaking the unhappy pattern!

Dartitis myth, legend or psychological disorder you decide.

Have you heard some of the attempted cures for dartitis I have come across?

Many make me smile and tickle me when I read them. 

The following list are some and don’t get me wrong I know this is serious for many and not funny at all.

But, what if we can talk about dartitis in a light hearted way for a while?

Man within explosion on dartitis blog page

How many actually work for dartitis?

I am going to make a guess at a big fat ZERO!

Do you wonder why I say that? Because I haven’t met a single person that has told me they work for dartitis yet.

Subsequently, they change nothing from what I hear yet people still do them and keep at it driving themselves up the wall into the bargain.

Doing the same thing that dartitis does and thats reinforcing patterns over and over again!

By continuing down the same old unhappy path.

I hope this sounds provocative because I want to catch your attention deliberately and on purpose.

So, that I can set you on a new path of hope.

pathway image on dartitis blog page

Firstly, the brain has learned a pattern at a subconscious level and it just gets stronger and stronger the more it happens.

Secondly, people are awesome at learning and creating habits, cycles and behaviours that get ingrained and become automatic the more we do them.

Thirdly, look at the following list and note how good people are at creating habits because of repetition.

Ultimately, people do break these dartitis problems successfully, trust me using darts mind coaching techniques.

Last of all, please don’t judge just be objective and think about people who have done this that you know yourself.

Dart board with dart in the bullseye image on dartitis blog post

First of all, the brain forms something called neural pathways that just get deeper and wider the more the habit is done.

Also, it is a bit like scratching a nail into a record over and over again.

So, the habit becomes automatic and seemingly outside of your control!

Do you want the good news?

Are you ready for some hope?


To clarify, there are 2 main ways to address habits and I am going to only talk about the one that you can do yourself on how to overcome dartitis.

Therefore, I will blog about the other at another time and that is working with the subconscious at a much deeper level.

So, please keep tuned with my editorials to come.


Importantly, the cycle can be broken but be WARNED, it takes effort on your part. You will have to get involved with a new positive habit.

To clarify, the neural pathways can be pruned and destroyed and allowed to die away so they no longer exist or function.

For this reason, the brain can change physically and we know that now and it’s called neuroplasticity (fact).


In conclusion, there is a 4 step cycle to do it yourself.


1. Associate – into the problem state.
2.Dissociate – from the problem state.
3. Associate – into a resourceful state.
4. Collapse – the problem habit on itself.

The above 4 step process can be used on any habit but it takes effort.

Ultimately, giving up on the cold keys on strings, the blankets and the icy buckets may well be your new pathway out of dartitis.

But, be warned HOPE is not a strategy for success.

A.D.A.C could well be your strategy of action that works and opens up a new enjoyable pathway where you can let go with ease of those darts again.

pathway to hope image on dartitis help editorial

I hope you enjoyed this editorial about dartitis help and that you will continue to enjoy my editorials on performance coaching techniques.


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Mark Pettigrew – Mind Coach & Clinical Hypnotist.

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