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Dartitis can be gotten rid of or lessened, so please give this page your total attention.


  • What is dartitis?

  • How can it be fixed / worked with.

  • Dartitis case study / testimonial.

  • Getting rid of dartitis together.

  • Buy my 12 page E-Book to try and get rid of Dartitis on your own.

  • Contacting me to talk things over about working with me.

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What is dartitis?

  • Dartitis is a psychological nervous anxiety condition experienced by darts players when releasing darts.
  • This can lead to the loss or break down of fine motor skills when releasing darts.
  • It can cause incredible stress with darts players and a loss of confidence.

Can I help you get rid of Dartitis?

In a word YES!

How can dartitis be fixed or treated?

  • Firstly, believing that dartitis is a psychological issue then we have to work with the unconscious mind. Some people refer to this as the unconscious, inner mind or subconscious.
  • Secondly, the unconscious can be worked with or even bargained with to stop the psychological behaviour we call dartitis.
  • Lastly, using hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP and modern psychological approaches we can make these changes at an unconscious level. 

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All darts testimonials can be found by clicking HERE

I worked with Mark during my time with dartitis, I had very little confidence in going back to the game and this was my last chance. I had a free consultation phone chat of 15 minutes where Mark told me all about Darts mind coaching.

And also the hypnosis and subconscious side of things and to get to know you and where your at with the dartitis.

I did the first session and all I can say is thank you Mark. He was able to get through to my subconscious and taught me things which have drastically changed in me. 

I can let the dart go freely, I’m confident within my game and also myself now.

I was ready to give up on darts which is a sport I loved and Mark got through and got me back to my old ability. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.

Dartitis mind coaching testimonial pic with Kameron Gibbons







Kameron Gibbons

South Wales

April 2020


“Mark did a great thing helping me! I suffered for 3 years with bad dartitis and Mark really helped me a lot. It was through zoom and it was perfect.

I tried a lot of different things like new darts new set up’s and watched a lot of videos on YouTube but I couldn’t get rid of dartitis.

After a lot of thought I thought why not I love darts so much and I need help! So, that’s when I contacted Mark for help. I joined his facebook group after seeing some of his videos.

Mark taught me to keep calm and how to release stress. He helped me with breathing exercises and a hand clap pattern interrupt. But also he helped me with hypnosis. I’ve had never done that before and it was a really nice feeling! He also helped me learn to work with my subconscious.

Before the help from Mark I could get to number 3 on the board when I played around the world. Right after the session I managed to play the whole board!I really recommend Mark to you if you are struggling with dartitis! It’s really worth it if you want to get rid of it!”

Dartitis mind coaching testimonial pic with Jeffrey Schraa








Jeffrey Schraa 


June 2020

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Getting rid of dartitis together.

Firstly, we talk together by phone so you can explain what’s going on. Please click HERE to book a free 15 minute consultation now.

  • Please note: This is a great opportunity for you to explain things to me and also ask questions.
  • Secondly, we move ahead with an initial consultation that costs just £30.00. Please click HERE to get more information about that now. This is so you can experience hypnosis and working with your subconscious mind together. This can be done using zoom / Skype / FaceTime so you don’t need to come here.
  • After this we arrange specific therapy sessions to work on your specific dartitis issues. I never see anyone only once so please be aware of this and plan to see me more than once after the initial consultation. At this point of writing I have a session average of 4 sessions with dart players.


There is no such thing as a 1 session hypnotherapist or hypnotist. It is a complete social myth. 

If you come to allow me to do my work and work with me then we will see each other the minimum amount of times.

I believe it is important to tell you that for trust and motivation to get changes.

I get referrals from people that understood this and came wanting to create change and not just try things out.

This is VERY very important:

You do not need to come here to my office and if you are reading this outside of this area we can work across Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

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But, be positive about getting rid of dartitis!

In my opinion dartitis is an unconscious performance anxiety condition which means:

  1. It is totally outside of your control consciously.
  2. Which means it is a completely unconscious issue.
  3. So, that is where we need to go to fix it!

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This is very important:

  • You have to want to get rid of dartitis for this to work.
  • You are really wasting your money and time if you are just trying this out.
  • If you have a real desire to do this then you are half way there already on how to beat dartitis!


I look forward to talking with you and helping you over come dartitis and to really enjoy your darts game again!

Last word

Please take a look at my darts mind coaching page where you can find out more about improving your darts game HERE

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