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If you are looking for dartitis help then please read this page fully.

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Dartitis can be cured so please give this page your total attention


  • What is dartitis?

  • How can it be fixed / cured

  • Getting rid of dartitis together.

  • Contacting me to talk things over.


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What is dartitis?

  • Dartitis is a psychological nervous anxiety condition experienced by darts players.
  • This can lead to the loss or break down of fine motor skills when releasing darts.
  • It can cause incredible stress with darts players and a loss of confidence. 

Can I help you get rid of Dartitis?

In a word YES!

How can dartitis be fixed?

  • Firstly, believing that dartitis is a psychological issue then we have to work with the unconscious mind. Some people refer to this as the unconscious or subconscious.
  • Secondly, the unconscious can be worked with or even bargained with to stop the psychological behaviour we call dartitis.
  • Lastly, using hypnotherapy, hypnosis, NLP and modern psychological approaches we can make these differences at an unconscious level. 

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Getting rid of dartitis together.

  • Firstly, we talk together by phone for free so you can explain what’s going on.
  • Please note: This is a great opportunity for you to explain things to me and also ask questions. Please use the box below to book now.
  • Secondly, we move ahead with a reduced priced initial consultation. This is where I get to find out how you do things as this will allow me to help you the best way I can.
  • This session is only £30:00 so, please Book that session by just clicking the words DARTITIS HELP
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some people only need to see me once or twice but others come for multiple sessions.

This is important:

You do not need to come here and if you are reading this outside of this area we can work across Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

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Be positive about getting rid of dartitis!

In my opinion dartitis is an unconscious nervous condition which means:

  1. It is totally outside of your control consciously.
  2. Which means it is a completely unconscious issue.
  3. So, that is where we need to go to fix it!

This is very important:


  • You have to want to get rid of dartitis for this to work.
  • You are really wasting your money if you are just trying this out.
  • If you have a real desire to do this then you are half way there already!

I look forward to talking with you and helping you over come dartitis and to really enjoy your darts game again!

Last word


Please take a look at my darts mind coaching page where you can find out more about improving your darts game HERE

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