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  • Firstly, what is mind coaching for darts players.

  • Secondly, how does mind coaching work.

  • Thirdly, why is it so useful for darts players like you.

  • Ultimately how to contact me or start working together to improve your game now.

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Mind coaching for darts players


Fact: So many good darts players go as far as they can using conventional coaches. 

And, many become great players because of coaches that coach the skills and capabilities of darts.

But, there is an edge where you can tap into your inner mental game and that is with mind coaching.

Ultimately, many darts players become brilliant players because of inner mind work!

How does darts mind coaching work

  1. In the first place, a better game can be improved and generated by working with your mind.
  2. In contrast, remedial issues can be wiped out and gotten rid of completely.
  3. Additionally the generation of new skills and reductions in bad habits can be worked on by starting and stopping behaviours mentally.
  4. So, the above could be termed the psychological issues or goals to work on at an unconscious automatic level.
  5. Interestingly, the approaches we would use to do this are modern psychological approaches for improvement such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Hypnosis or hypnotherapy techniques.
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Dartitis can be treated successfully using the above techniques so please contact me to chat about how to overcome dartitis.

This is important: – Dartitis can be DEFEATED!

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Why is this so important for you?


I have met many darts players wanting to better their game.

Many who were at the end of their tether and close to giving up darts.

Many who thought they couldn’t improve who have dramatically improved.

This is because of working with their inner mind and their untapped potential.

Is this you?


This is important:

This work is comfortable, natural, easy and can help you improve and take your darts to a completely different level!

Contact me here to find out more now!


One last thing:

We can work across distance using Skype, Facetime and Zoom so contact me about that too! Skype logo on darts mind coaching page

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