Darts Performance Coaching Testimonials

The following are a list of my most up to date darts / dartitis reviews.

I worked with Mark during my time with dartitis, I had very little confidence in going back to the game and this was my last chance.

I had a free consultation phone chat of 15 minutes where Mark told me all about Darts mind coaching. And also the hypnosis and subconscious side of things and to get to know you and where you’re at with the dartitis.

I did the first session and all I can say is thank you, Mark. He was able to get through to my subconscious and taught me things which have drastically changed in me.

I can let the dart go freely, I’m confident within my game and also myself now. I was ready to give up on darts which is a sport I loved and Mark got through and got me back to my old ability.

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough.

Darts mind coaching testimonial pic with Kameron Gibbons

Kameron Gibbons

South Wales – UK








Mark did a great thing helping me! I suffered for 3 years with bad dartitis and Mark really helped me a lot. It was through zoom and it was perfect.

I tried a lot of different things like new darts new set up’s and watched a lot of videos on YouTube but I couldn’t get rid of dartitis.

After a lot of thought I thought why not I love darts so much and I need help! So, that’s when I contacted Mark for help. I joined his facebook group after seeing some of his videos.

Mark taught me to keep calm and how to release stress. He helped me with breathing exercises and a hand clap pattern interrupt. But also he helped me with hypnosis. I’ve had never done that before and it was a really nice feeling! He also helped me learn to work with my subconscious.

Before the help from Mark I could get to number 3 on the board when I played around the world. Right after the session I managed to play the whole board!I really recommend Mark to you if you are struggling with dartitis! It’s really worth it if you want to get rid of it!


Darts mind coaching testimonial pic with Jeffrey Schraa

Jeffrey Schraa



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Before I worked with Mark I struggled with hesitation with my Darts throw which was causing major issues in my performance.

I had struggled with dartitis for over 2 years and decided it was time to speak to Mark on seeing his brilliant free content
in his darts performance Facebook group. 

I was skeptical at first, having tried and failed with many other therapists but Mark really  got my issue.

Since my second session, I have no longer had any dartitis issue and I am throwing near my best again which is a great feeling.

I highly urge anyone struggling with any mental performance issues to contact Mark.

Matt Jacobs


June 2020


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