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How to beat dartitis

How to beat dartitis a new direction of travel!

Firstly, this page is about setting you up to succeed and move forward.

And, further to that you may be surprised by the tactics I suggest you adopt.

Lastly, I really hope you see that you can make changes by taking action by yourself.

So, here is what we will cover in three simple areas:

  • What is dartitis.
  • How people deal with it normally and fail.
  • What people ought to do to deal with dartitis to make changes.

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So what is dartitis.

First, dartitis is a condition that inhibits the release of the dart from peoples hands.

NOTE: please read this objectively because finding out how to beat dartitis needs objectivity and a clear approach. Being offended by what you read will not help you to beat dartitis.

Second, it is also known to affect the fine motor skills in the fingers too.

For me it is a behaviour or habit that has become ingrained in your neurology that can and does become unconscious and automatic.

Ultimately, this behaviour or habit causes great stress for a person where they become at a loss for a solution or emotionally upset.

Please stay with me because there are options and ways of how to beat dartitis through darts mind coaching.

How people usually try to beat dartitis.

In the first place most people get uptight, stressed and frustrated.

After that, they usually become un-resourceful and lose their problem solving abilities and perspective.

Then, they continue to fight through any dartitis attack.

Sound familiar?

So, why am I telling you all of this?

I have to point out the un-resourceful strategic response that you may be doing that won’t help you to beat dartitis.

Consider these frames of mind for this usual behaviour ok?

Wanting to know the CAUSE!

Working out WHY it happened!

FIGHTING through it!

Do you do this?

So, if you do you really have to stop doing this right now. Let go of your attachment to any of the above.

They just make you exhausted and lost for options to find solutions.

Last thought on this ok?

Smokers don’t smoke more to quit so why do dartitis sufferers insist on fighting through it?

In conclusion, fighting a dartitis attack is madness!

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How dart players must act to beat dartitis

In the first place it is so important that you must get yourself into a solution orientated habit straight away.

Every single bloody time!

Stepping away from a dartitis attack is crucial to dissociate or break the pattern each and every time. 

Or, at least it begins the process of breaking away and shattering its effect on you.

So, stay positive knowing you are being resourceful and active in the process of positively changing that dartitis habit.

Then, once you have shaken off the beginning of that old habit you can start to generate a new superstate of powerful emotions.

Where you can step back in and gradually beat dartitis by collapsing it’s old habit cycle.

Interestingly, being emotionally and physically resourceful for the outcome you want helps you to collapse dartitis!

This is noteworthy, the brain when it creates and does habits sets up electrical networks in the brain where the more you do something the stronger the network becomes.

Ultimately this electrical circuit in the brain becomes so entrenched and ingrained it becomes an automatic unconscious response or habit and the scientific term is neuroplasticity (fact).

So in conclusion, there is a 4 step cycle to prune away these neural pathways in the brain (habits)


1. Associate – into the problem state.
2.Dissociate – break from the problem state straight away.
3. Associate – get yourself into a resourceful super state.
4. Collapse – the problem habit on itself by staying in the emotional super state and do dartitis at the same time.

The above 4 step process can be used on any habit but it takes practice.

So, lastly there is hope to beat dartitis where you can stop doing that thing that doesn’t work and begin new habits that create change.

Ultimately, the ADAC process can be used on any habit in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post about how to beat dartitis and dartitis help and that you will continue reading any further darts mind coaching posts by me.

Additionally, You can also find many video techniques about how to beat dartitis by clicking HERE which will take you to a play list on YOUTUBE.

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