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How to overcome dartitis

How to overcome dartitis it's your choice to stop fighting it now!

Please read this page completely or watch the video below about how to overcome dartitis.

Video about how to overcome dartitis

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Rebuilding your mental game.

Firstly, we are pattern makers because they save us time and become automatic.

Secondly, good and bad patterns form in the same way.

Lastly, patterns change quicker if you are relaxed as fighting and battling with willpower seldom works.

Changing a pattern - the late riser!

alarm clock on overcoming dartitis pageExample: 

The person who snoozes the alarm multiple times. So, gets up late consistently and the rest of the day is a stressful rush.

So, the pattern change – multiple alarm clocks or an alarm placed where you must get up and go and switch it off.

Thus, the benefit is the person starts the day well and that continues all day.

Ultimately, the value to the person is they leave behind the old behaviour which creates a more relaxed day and a better mental head space.

Key points to overcoming dartitis are:

Firstly, leave the past behind because the cause is unimportant for pattern changing in darts mind coaching.

Secondly, it is important that you remember your brain will try and go back to the old pattern as an automatic. This is normal in pattern breaking.

Thirdly, create the pattern and superstate that serves what you want and consistently and consciously pattern it in until it becomes automatic.

Building superstates

First of all, this is a construction of your best self and of how you need to be with every single dart.

In addition, we can gather these qualities from your own past experiences for performance coaching.

Most noteworthy to mention is we will access your experience from the 3 filters you experience the world and these are:

  • Visual.
  • Hearing.
  • Feeling.

Most of all, we can create this superstate by gathering all of these qualities together in a process called anchoring.

So, by doing this we fuse together feelings, pictures, internal dialogue which influences your behaviour and new pattern at the oche which will switch on.

Image of a muscular man crouching on the how to overcome dartitis page

So, in relation to overcoming dartitis the following is critical to remember.

In conclusion create the superstate you must be for playing to overcome dartitis.

Probably, the mind may revert back to the old pattern but you must break state and create the superstate immediately.

Most of all each and every time you play and with every dart you consistently must do this.

Most noteworthy, this takes some time and effort but it will rebuild a better game for you and pattern in something far superior.


I hope you enjoyed this editorial about overcoming dartitis and that you will continue to enjoy my editorials on darts performance coaching techniques.


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Mark Pettigrew – Mind Coach & Clinical Hypnotist.

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