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My mind is too strong to be hypnotised

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This is a very common statement indeed. I have heard this quite a lot over the years and its easy enough explained when talking about hypnosis.

Because whatever you think your right about being hypnotised or not depending on your position on hypnosis.

I have heard things like these over the years loads of times:


So what do you think someone is really telling me here?

And be honest whypnosis page image of hypnotic pictureith yourself!


This is what they are generally saying to me or to you – I refuse to be hypnotised.


That’s all a person is saying. End of story!

So if we flip this on its head and you re-read the 3 statements above in another way they could actually mean this.

Let me help you with a little secret here.

it is all about trust and you trusting the hypnotherapist/hypnotist to help you get the changes you want with hypnosis.

It’s really that simple when you consider using hypnotherapy.

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I am not there YET

So if you are using the first kind of statements that your mind is too strong to be hypnotised it perhaps just means your not ready yet. And the word YET signifies the limit of your understanding that’s all.


Broadly for me, I meet 2 types of people:

People that have been hypnotised before and enjoyed every minute and were wowed by the changes and relaxation of hypnosis. This is a valuable experience for them with hypnosis.


And the other type of people

People that need to be convinced by asking me questions to feel safe and that confidentiality is paramount. They are only the people that are not there yet!

Either way here once you know the answers to the questions then nothing will stop you being hypnotised will it? That’s as long as they satisfy your criteria of safety and confidentiality.

So if you want to really be hypnotised it’s going to happen Period – end of story. It’s that simple.


Top tip:

With your hypnotic change work find someone you like and trust to help you. Even if that means in the first session you don’t do hypnosis. Yes, you heard me right!

So map out what you want to have happen and if that means 1 hour of asking questions it’s your time and money.

Nothing can stop you being hypnotised once you decide that hypnosis is for you. Because all the hypnotist/hypnotherapist does is help you go in even deeper than you already can.

So working with someone else just means you can improve what you already do as you already have hypnosis skills.

So the best thing to do is if you don’t trust your hypnotist/hypnotherapist or hypnosis yet is ask loads of questions.

Because once you have satisfied your curiosity your powerful mind is good to go into hypnosis.



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