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Hypnosis and life coaching how does that one work then?

Hypnosis and life coaching – editorial


Before we start it’s probably best that I dispel some old fashioned rumours and confirm some truths too about hypnosis and life coaching.


What is absolute rubbish when people talk about hypnosis?

  • It’s not a thing where you would things that would go against your morals or anything you would do in real life.
  • It’s not mind control where someone else puts you under their power and manipulates you at all.
  • You cannot get stuck in a trance. Could you get stuck reading a book? No you couldn’t and neither can you in a trance.
  • Hypnotists don’t swing watches in front of you to get you in a trance. That’s a thing of movies.


What’s the truth then?hypnosis and life coaching editorial image saying a movie myth

  • Hypnosis is relaxing and helps you become so relaxed that critical and negative thinking is bypassed whilst you are in a trance.
  • Hypnosis gets you to stop thinking about what you don’t want and puts your attention onto what you do want.
  • Hypnosis helps you think in different ways you normally wouldn’t so is very supportive of focussing on solutions and resources


Why life coaching with hypnosis then?

This is how our brains work and how they process information in conscious thought using our short term memory – we can only handle or process 7 + or – 2 pieces of conscious things at a time. This is according to up to date neuroscience research and studies.


Just to make that more real for you –

  1. Think about what you can look at now
  2. What you can hear right now
  3. What you can feel physically
  4. What your emotions are now
  5. Your opinion from memory in this moment
  6. Your taste in your mouth
  7. The smell around you

This is what your brain can cope with in the present moment in short term memory.


But the subconscious mind processes between 2 and 20 million pieces of information or data in the background. We are talking about blood pressure, your pulse, stomach digestion, skin shedding, and your dreams at night, stored memories and eye blinking to mention some.


Creating more freedom by using hypnosishypnosis and life coaching editorial image with a key

Our memory is like a store of our resources, skills and abilities and they have always been there stored away and available but sometimes out of our conscious touch or reach. Or so we thought!!


So an alternative to having an intellectual conversation with a coach can be using hypnosis. Trance work can help to re-engage with your resources and make them available to your conscious mind by bringing them back into your awareness again.


So if you think of resources like tools we are able to dust them off, pick them up and put them into action again. So for problem-solving or improvement hypnosis can be great for inspiration and creating a new direction.


So the last thing before coming out of trance the hypnotist may ask is something like “what are your new opportunities you found? And when you are ready to bring them forward come out of trance Now!”


I often find having a notebook for the person to write down these new insights is a great way to capture them straight away.


So if you want to be helped to get out of your own way perhaps it’s time to, book a hypnosis appointment Now!


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