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Insomnia and sleep issues using hypnotherapy as a cure

Hypnotherapy for insomnia


If you are having trouble sleeping and believe you have insomnia then hypnotherapy for insomnia is something you must consider.

Everyone knows sleep is a tonic and we need it in sufficient and good quality to function.

So please read on so I can offer some practical advice before you even contact me.


The truth about poor sleep and insomnia


Many things cause insomnia and sleep problems including.woman image - hypnotherapy for insomnia

  • Stress
  • Not having a going to bed routine thats beneficial
  • Stimulants
  • Electronic devices
  • A bedroom thats not set up well for a good nights sleep

The bottom line is


We need to set up your life so your going to bed and being ready for bed is organised so it works for you. This is the first thing we talk about and organise even before discussing hypnotherapy for insomnia.


I can’t emphasise this enough


Please consult your doctor and get yourself checked out before considering hypnotherapy for insomnia. Then after seeing your doctor contact me so I can help you get a good nights sleep.


If you are lying awake at night after this then we need to talk and this is why


Hypnotherapy and other modern techniques can help tap into your behaviours and change them.

Rest assured there will be a good and beneficial reason your unconscious mind is keeping you awake at night.


Does that sound weird? If it does then read on


Everything your unconscious mind does is to protect you and keep you alive. Even bad behaviours have good intentions when you think about it.

Smokers use smoking to calm them down and release stress. Even though this is considered a bad behaviour it has a positive intention and purpose.

I use the example of smoking just so you can see how so-called bad behaviours give positive benefits.

So once we work out the reason your unconscious is doing this we can create change and get you on the road to a much better nights sleep.


What to do if you have a question


Book a free 30-minute consultation by clicking this sentence

Contact me via email by clicking this sentence

Or just call me to talk to me or leave me a voicemail message on 07894900244


So please don’t suffer needlessly when hypnotherapy for insomnia or other modern techniques can help you get a good nights sleep.


Thanks again for logging into my website for help and I look forward to coaching you to a better place in life.


Mark Pettigrew, insomnia hypnotherapy life coach image from Paisley




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