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The initial first meeting or consultation between a client and a therapist can be daunting but it needn’t be. 


Often people don’t know what to expect and that is why I have made it as clear as it can be on this page.

Want to talk with me before committing to a session then you can!

I offer a free “No Strings” 15 minute phone consultation because this gives you the chance to ask me what you want. 

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Why Choose me to help you?

I have been helping people for many years make changes.

I have a lot of experience, training and skills to help you make the changes you are considering.

I am easy to work with.

I have an outgoing personality and I am a good listener.

You can work with me in person or remotely using Zoom.

This really is down to your choice of whether you want to come to me or not depending where you live.

What some of my clients say about me.

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Before working with Mark I struggled with hesitation with my Darts throw which was causing major issues in my performance.
I had struggled with dartitis for 2 years and decided it was time to speak to Mark on seeing his brilliant free content in his darts performance Facebook group.
I was skeptical at first, having tried and failed with many other therapists but Mark really looked at my issue and decided which techniques may best suit to help cure my condition.
Since my second session with Mark, I have no longer had any issue and am throwing somewhere near my best again which is a great feeling.
I would highly urge anyone struggling with any darts mindset performance issues to contact Mark.

Matt Jacobs - England - 2021

christine oliver picture

I initially approached Mark around 3 years ago on advice from a friend whom had previously had some life changing sessions with Mark. For a very long time I was experiencing a lot of both unrelated physical and emotional pain. Mark really came to my rescue.
I booked 6 hypnosis sessions that I can honestly say worked absolute wonders for me. Hypnotherapy is definitely something everyone should consider in difficult times. Mark is so calm and professional and very easy to open up to.
I even found myself after a couple of sessions sharing things with him that I hadn't shared with anyone else before. None of which phased Mark. Around 18 months ago I had a very sad bereavement. 6 months on I decided I needed more help and booked a few more sessions.
Once again Mark got me through my emotional traumatic time and today I find myself stronger, motivated and a much happier relaxed woman.
I can't thank Mark enough for his guidance and will not hesitate to contact him again in the future should I require his OUTSTANDING help and support.

Christine Oliver - Scotland - 2021

cathie way picture

I visited Mark to talk about persistent pain I had due to a frozen shoulder. It had become so bad that I cried at night. The waiting list to see a physiotherapist was around 20 weeks, which then got extended by another 12 weeks.
I was at my wits end. Mark invited me to try out a new technique and I agreed without attaching myself to any outcome. After an hour in my session, I felt better and left feeling positive about our discussion.
Without realising, I had a full month with less pain. I caught up with Mark for a follow up and asked for another session as I felt the pain niggling again. Since that second session, my frozen shoulder is no longer an issue for me.
That was over 18 months ago! I didn't need the physiotherapy appointment and I know that if I ever do have unexplained pain or a friendly but straight-talking, listening ear, Mark is on hand to help.
I can understand that people might be hesitant about unknown techniques, but it's definitely worth a try. Thanks again, Mark.

Cathie Way - UK - 2021

I came to mark after I suffered with a weird mental block that wouldn't allow me to throw and I Iater found out it was dartitis. It is an incredibly annoying thing to no longer be able to do what I loved doing. And after trying acupuncture and hypnotherapists near me, I came across mark on the internet and I decided to give it a try. He has given me calming techniques and has got in touch with my subconscious to help me through it. So., if you are struggling with your mindset, he is very helpful and understanding, definitely give him a call

Jamie Tri - USA - 2021

Doing this session from anywhere in the world is easy.

Using Zoom for our sessions.

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Contacting me.

Please use the contact me box below or click simply click the WhatsApp Icon for a much quicker response.