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Mindfulness meditation series 1 – mind wide open video

Mindfulness meditation series 1


This mindfulness meditation series mind wide open video is a brief and powerful yet quite different practice that will surprise you as it’s an eyes wide open practice.


It is noteworthy to say that most mindfulness meditations are an eyes closed practice.


mindfulness meditation series

This video shows you how to do mindful meditation in a relaxed state. Which will help you get to a calm and relaxed place by practicing and expanding your practice in a new approach.


The proof of this meditation is that it comes from mindfulness based stress reduction MBSR which started in 1979.  This has been growing in scientific proof and personal following for many decades now.


This is a completely new way to do mindfulness than any other way I have helped you learn to date. So please approach it in an open and honest way. As ever please feel free to feedback your experience to me via Facebook and on the comments below.


So just follow the instructions on the video to enjoy it and please remember that the “wandering mind” does and will happen so please just:

  • Recognise your mind has wandered
  • Let go of the thought
  • Return to the meditation


  • This proves you are improving the more you come back the stronger you are becoming at mindfulness
  • Be kind to yourself regarding your mind wandering and smile when you catch your mind go on a wander.
  • This is all very normal



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  • one to one in person or over Skype / Facetime
  • In group settings

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