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If you have the smallest question about pain relief please contact me.

It is not always possible to answer every question in one page. 

But, rest assured I will message you back quickly or talk with you by phone if you need an answer.

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What's in this page for you?
Index of contents:

  • Types of pain area work available.
  • The truth about pain and you.
  • I have tried everything.
  • The bottom line on pain relief and pain management.
  • How I work with you to eliminate or lessen your pain.
  • Video case study of successful pain work.
  • How to book a free 15 minute phone consultation.
  • Working via Skype or facetime remotely from anywhere globally.
  • Booking a pain relief session.
  • Directions to my office.


Most of all:

So many people suffer from pain but there are now effective natural alternatives to medication and drugs for that. 

So, please read on for the help you want to find regarding pain relief. 

And rest assured if you live in or around Paisley or Glasgow I can help you.


Pain can take many forms physically like:

  • Traumatic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging disks - herniated disks
  • Many other types (please note this is not a complete list of pain types so get in touch to discuss today)
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The truth about pain and you.

Pain is a signal from your brain to tell you or give information that:

  • Firstly, there has been an accident or incident affecting your body.
  • Secondly, to take action to move away from that danger and towards safety.
  • Thirdly, that you must take action and get assistance and help for your body.
  • Forthly, that healing is taking place and pain is subsiding.
  • Lastly, pain eventually goes.
A noteworthy point is that often when a part of the above is missed then pain can stay switched on.

I have tried everything and it never worked.

Do you know this story so well and is this you? So, have you done the lot and does this sound familiar?

Well, many people have tried the lot like – physios, chiropractors, masseurs and doctors to mention a few with little or no change.

But most people don’t even consider working with their brain or mind to work on that pain.

Really pain is a signal within the brain and can be worked on in that area.

This is why someone like me is often a last resort to get themselves fixed.

So, if this sounds familiar we have to talk don’t we?



The bottom line here on pain relief:

Living with pain does not have to be for the rest of your life. This is a social illusion and an urban myth. 

I can help you either get rid of it for good or manage it so it is more comfortable without drugs.

Many people have convinced themselves that they will always have pain. But this is not necessarily true.

Pain can be eradicated in many cases and managed in other cases without the use of drugs.

Psychological science has moved on significantly in recent years so you can be helped.

Imagine a pain free life because in many cases this is completely possible trust me!


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The reality of how I work:

I have helped many people be free from the pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia and traumatic physical pain that had gone back as far as 18 years.

Please note I help you release the pain from your body and work with you to do that naturally.

I am a certified practitioner of oldpain2go which is a very comfortable conscious approach to removing pain completely in most cases.

Other ways of working with pain management could be hypnosis, Tapping, Hypnotherapy and various other natural approaches.

Please check out the video case study at the bottom of this page for yourself.

Then make up your own mind after you watch it.

Old pain 2 go image - back pain

Please note:

With this approach, the intention is 100% removal of old pain from your body and complete pain relief.

  • Does it work? YES in the majority of cases with someone who wants to be pain-free.
  • It is 100% natural and drug-free.
  • This normally only takes a single session.

How we work together and contacting me.

I prefer to work face to face over a 90-minute session in my office in Paisley.

However, I can work via Skype or facetime if Paisley is too far for you to travel.

Therefore, if required we can work remotely from each other from any location globally.

If you have the slightest interest in being pain-free then please Contact me by clicking the word HERE now and contact me to talk about how we can work together.



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How to book a pain relief session.

Contact me by clicking HERE Now.

or Call me on 07894900244 Today.

Mark Pettigrew

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Does this sound like you or anyone you know?

Please pass this page to your friends who suffer with pain as they don’t have to be in needless pain.

Or just get in touch yourself now.

How easy is it to get to my Paisley office?

  • My office is within easy walking distance of two train stations in Paisley where trains from Glasgow run every 10 minutes.​
  • There is ample free car parking.
  • My office is within easy travel distance of Glasgow and the center of Paisley
  • Buses travel to and from Paisley and Glasgow every 10 minutes during the day.