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The scope of chronic pain in the Uk right now which has been termed "the silent epidemic"

First of all, chronic pain is a major problem in the UK right now which is undeniable.

Secondly, here are some current UK statistics about chronic pain.  So you can identify yourself.


So, what is chronic pain and types of pain.

First of all, pain is a signal in your brain that you have a problem. 

In addition, all pain is transmitted from and in your brain.

So, pain tells you to stop what you are doing. And to move away from the danger.

Finally to get help and treatment to allow healing to take place.

Types of pain can include:

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I have tried everything to get rid of my chronic pain.

Maybe that sounds really familiar to you?

If you have tried every drug, had physios, pain clinics, chiropractors and anything else then there may be something to switch off that old pain.

So old pain is pain that has been left switched on in your brain.

Sometimes pain can be left lodged on in your brain like a fire alarm after a fire has been extinguished. 

More often than not if you have had no joy with conventional approaches OldPain2Go may well switch off that redundant chronic pain alarm.


Old Pain 2 Go image on the chronic pain help page


Using the mind to switch off or manage the pain.

Chronic pain in most cases can be deleted, removed or switched off using OldPain2Go naturally and safely.

So what is OldPain2Go then? 

Well in the simplest form it is a natural and comfortable way to work with your unconscious mind whilst being fully conscious.

Just to emphasise that in this area I am the only OldPain2Go certified practitioner.

Also noteworthy – it is not hypnosis. Chronic pain help this way is 100% natural and comfortable.

Other approaches to manage your pain could include hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Especially relevant:

In conclusion, this type of work can be done over Skype, Facetime or zoom meaning that wherever you are I can help you.


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