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Firstly, Pain can be totally removed or successfully managed.

Secondly, many people get rid of chronic pain and totally recover.

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Sciatica symptoms and what it is. The facts about sciatica.

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The bottom line about how to get rid of sciatica.

OldPain2Go Sciatica treatment process.

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Firstly, OldPain2Go is a revolutionary new approach to pain removal.

Secondly, the process works with your unconscious mind whilst you are in full consciousness.

Thirdly, I work with you to ask your unconscious to switch off the old pain signal message that’s switched on.

In conclusion, once it is switched off we ask your unconscious to remove all tension, inflammation and tenderness.

Please note: This is a completely natural, comfortable and easy process to do.

It is also worth mentioning that I am the only OldPain2Go certified practitioner in this area.

Finally, make up your own mind by watching the testimonial video below.

Arthritis Treatment And Help Testimonial - Paisley and Glasgow (2018)

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After an Arthritis Treatment session with OldPain2Go.

Sciatica treatment package and costs.

How to book an sciatica Treatment session.

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