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Firstly, If you are looking for a hypnotherapy service or services in Paisley I have written this page especially to help you. 

Additionally, when It comes to hypnotherapy services it can often be difficult to work out what’s important and what is not. 

And, I have intentionally set this page up to answer your questions on what service or services you may or may not need.

Also, there are other things you ought to consider that I know are important to tell you about so you can select the correct hypnotherapy service for yourself.

One more thing, if you can’t find the information on the service or have a question about any hypnotherapy service or application then please just message me straight away. 

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Benefits and uses of hypnotherapy
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Please note:
This is not an exhaustive list of hypnotherapy services I offer here in Paisley.
Please do, contact me to discuss any other hypnotherapy service you are curious about.

Read what the National Council for Hypnotherapy says the benefits are by clicking HERE

What to expect in a hypnotherapy session.

As hypnotherapy services and sessions differ please use this as a broad benchmark.

But, sessions should incorporate all or some of the list below.

I always start out with the “Initial Consultation” where we meet and do some hypnosis on your problem.

This is a money back offer where if I can’t hypnotise you or feel I cant work with you I give you the £30 back.

There are much more details of the “Initial Consultation” session by clicking HERE to find out more & watch the video.

Questions & Answers about hypnotherapy.

Most frequently asked questions and answers about hypnotherapy services and applications.

No, people don’t get stuck in a book, movie or a magazine so hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the same.

On the whole hypnotherapy does work yes.

But, a client has to be willing to work with the hypnotherapist to make the changes and collaborate with hypnotherapy.


During hypnotherapy you could get up and walk out at any time you wanted to.

You have free will in the process.

In many cases hypnotherapy can help you remember the past.

For example:

Finding the initial event of a problem can be found.

Some other hypnotherapists do age and past life regression hypnosis.

But, past life regression is not a skill I have.

On the whole between 6-8 sessions are required to tackle generalised anxiety disorder.

Of course it could be less or more hypnotherapy sessions.

Yes, Hypnotherapy can remove or greatly lessen fears.

Often, removal is possible and at other times changing the context works as well.

That just means changing what you believed about the fear or phobia.

Why Choose me for hypnotherapy in Paisley? Some info about me personally and professionally.

Why did I get into hypnotherapy and NLP?

I started out as a charity bereavement therapist where I supported people through grief for many years. After that, I decided I wanted to help people achieve their goals by using things that involved more than just skillful talking. I wanted to help people reach their goals and outcomes quicker and in a more comfortable way.

Look at what my hypnotherapy clients say about me.

My Google reviews speak for themselves and are verifiable. My clients don't only come from Paisley and Renfrewshire but all around the world.
Please check out my google reviews for yourself to see if you think you can trust me.

I am fully qualified in hypnotherapy, NLP & OldPain2Go.

Many people listen to reply or respond but that doesn't work with therapy and hypnotherapy.
It is crucially important that I listen to you to understand and to hear what you say so I can help.
By learning the above skills I am better placed to help you once you allow me to understand your issue and goals.

What my clients say about my hypnotherapy service.

I Booked a few appointments with Mark in Paisley last year re a personal issue I had been struggling with for some time. Hypnotherapy was probably a last resort but knowing what I know now, perhaps it shouldn't have been.
Mark has an "easy" way about him and seems to take an interest in your wellbeing and progression. His methods are actually quite straight forward and focus on getting in behind the negatives that are holding you back.
He'll also offer you tips to help you between sessions and beyond, but he's not pushy in any way. I have no doubt he helped me and I still carry out the techniques and tips he gave me to manage my anxiety.
As I said, I wish I had went down this road earlier than I did. The stereotype around hypnotherapy might make it seem scary or strange , in fact it's informal and friendly.

Martin Lamond - Kilmacolm - May 2022

Wow! What can I say, Mark is outstanding! I chose Mark for a few reasons the first was his location in Paisley as it was very easy to get to. I made an enquiry and Mark was very responsive, we had a chat on the phone and which was friendly and Mark is easy to communicate with.
We organised a convenient time for me to visit him in Paisley. My reason for wanting hypnosis was for weight loss. I had tried every diet on the market but no success in fact the opposite is true! Over the last 10 years I've just gained!
Mark helped me see the things that were in my way and through hypnosis I have seen changes. I am more in control of myself, I feel calmer around food, my internal battle has stopped, and in 2months I'm a stone lighter!
If you are thinking about hypnosis with Mark just do it! You will not regret it! IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE

D Burd - Renfrewshire - 2021

Mark has been a great life coach to me, I suffer a lot from anxiety and Mark helped me through my exams using hypnotherapy and made a huge difference. I couldn't have got through it without him.
His hypnosis technique really was fantastic.

Chris Crockert - Paisley - May 2019

Working together in Paisley.

Hypnotherapy practicalities.

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Hypnotherapy service costs.

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