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Why I Love Life Coaching



I love life coaching because I believe we can all change dramatically with help from the right people who aren’t involved in our lives.


I love seeing people wake up to themselves when they see they can change. But life coaching isn’t about me it’s about YOU and what you WANT.


I know people change especially when they start to see the truth of the stories they believe or believed before we worked together and that’s why I do this.Life Coaching page - Changes image

How We Do This Together


Wherever you want to go we can go there and there are no “off Limits” areas. Personally, I am very straightforward, respectful and honest with you.


The process means I don’t get sucked into the stories about your life and I may ask you to go much deeper into things than you have ever done.


I don’t advise you but ask interesting questions that help you switch on the light bulbs and get those moments of clarity and wisdom.


However, I may agree on tasks with you to help you move onwards and ahead in your life towards your goals. But let’s face it your life is full of advice givers and that’s not been all that useful has it?


This is where life coaching makes the difference for you and what you want.

What We Do Together


That’s really your choice and not mine about what we do and where we go in our sessions. We can go into parts of your life you never considered or wanted to talk about.


We may uncover things that you would most probably never have thought about.

We can look at your strategies. We can look at your energy. We can look at planning and where you want to be in life. It’s all up to you where we go and what we do because it’s all about you.


But it’s my job to serve you powerfully and help you move forward to where you want to be! What we do together is confidential and you may find my caring honesty very different to anything you have ever experienced.


What People Say About Being Coached By Me


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“30 minutes into our initial conversation it became as clear as water that the path I want to focus on was, versus non – value adding distractions.


In a short, but challenging, straight to the point and above all effective conversation, the areas needing focus and consequently course of action to be taken became easier to define.


It’s all about achieving personal fulfilment and Mark is a master at deconstructing what we already know in our minds and heart, but can’t see.”

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Susana Pais – Warwickshire – March 2016


“Mark is an awesome coach and I really value the work he’s done with me.


He has an incisive intuition and approach that gets to the heart of the matter quickly and helps you see things in a new way that removes blocks and gets you motoring in the right direction for you.


Mark really embodies the qualities of a great coach – he’s smart, honest and totally focused on you as his client.”


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Alison O’Leary – London – June 2016


What To Do Next To Arrange Life Coaching with Me


Please CONTACT ME HERE and arrange a no-obligation 30-minute chat.


Other Important Details About Life Coaching


My office is a short drive from Glasgow city centre and there is plenty of free car parking here In Paisley.


Alternatively, life coaching may be done over Skype or phone as some people find that if they are on business or holiday this arrangement works.

Please contact me HERE for any information you need at all.



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