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Life Coaching what’s in it for you?

This page has been set up to address your questions on life coaching.

If there is anything that has not been answered here please contact me about it.

Information video about how I can help you.

The bottom line and your life:

We can all change dramatically with help from the right people who aren’t involved in our lives. People associated with you are way too involved and lack the skills to coach you to what you want.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

Sometimes people just need a space where they are NOT being given advice by well-meaning friends and family to explore their own options. The best coaches don’t force advice on people and that should be a major consideration for you in making a choice of a coach to employ.

What would you like to have happen?

This is a key question for your future and where you want to get to. Even if you dont know its always the starting point for clearing your path ahead.

I love seeing people wake up to themselves when they see they can change. But life coaching isn’t about me it’s about YOU and what you WANT.

Working together and getting you on track

I quite often say this to people ” let’s get onto what you do want and not what you don’t want otherwise this is going to be an expensive chat”

The sooner we can get to the heart of what you actually want we can get things moving for you positively.

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Setting you up for success and getting you there

There are some key considerations for you getting where you want and these could include working on:

What’s different about me

Most coaches coach verbally which is the norm using linguistics and language to explore and change your story.

This is a big part of our work but there are differences we could include in the coaching that may suit you using modern techniques that are not all conversation yet very enjoyable for change work.

Life coaching packages

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One last vitally important point about this

Wherever you want to go we can go there and there are no “off Limits” areas. That’s really your choice and not mine about what we do and where we go in our sessions.We can go into parts of your life you never even considered.

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What People Say About Being Coached By Me

“30 minutes into our initial conversation it became as clear as water that the path I want to focus on was, versus non – value adding distractions. In a short, but challenging, straight to the point and above all effective conversation, the areas needing focus and consequently course of action to be taken became easier to define.
Susana Pais
Warwickshire - March 2016
"Mark is an awesome coach and I really value the work he’s done with me. He has an incisive intuition and approach that gets to the heart of the matter quickly and helps you see things in a new way that removes blocks and gets you motoring in the right direction for you. Mark really embodies the qualities of a great coach – he’s smart, honest and totally focused on you as his client.”
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Alison O'Leary
London - June 2016

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This is what wikipedia says about “NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming”

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