Mindfulness Small Group Sessions

Group mindfulness sessions at my office

Do you want to do mindfulness small group sessions with your friends in Paisley?


I have now introduced the possibility of doing a 1-hour small group sessions with me with a maximum group number of 5 not including myself.

mindfulness small group sessions


Please remember that you can also book 1-1 sessions with me if you want to do that.


How would you like to be in a warm and supportive learning environment learning with an accredited teacher of mindfulness – accredited by “The UK College Of Mindfulness Meditation”


Some people find it easier to practice mindfulness in small groups rather than alone so this could be perfect for you, your friends and your learning. Please remember mindfulness can be used by all people regardless of what’s going on in their lives and does make a positive difference.


Mindfulness aides clarity of thought, stress reduction, pain management, improved problem-solving abilities and better sleep to name a few benefits. The small group sessions can be done in my office in Paisley or I could come to you, however there would be additional costs for travel and time.


Please book your 1-hour group mindfulness session HERE


Please feel free to contact me HERE via email or book a free30-minute consultation with me by clicking the link  HERE.

mindfulness small group sessions

Costs for each session are £55 per session which could work out as little as £11.00 per person for an hour with me.




I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to contact me today if you have any questions at all. Best wishes and I look forward to talking with you.




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