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Of course, mindfulness started for a reason in 1979.
But, has far surpassed it's original reason for starting out.

In the beginning it started out in 1979 in the U.S.A. to help people who suffered with anxiety and depression.

Even though it’s originator Dr John Kabat – Zinn started it for this needed area it has developed so much in the decades that have passed.

Most noteworthy to say is that it is a common stereotype that this is only for sick people or people that need some sort of help. 

This is just not true at all!

Conversely, many top athletes, top business people and other people at the top of their areas practice mindfulness because of how it helps them improve.

Above all, it is important to emphasise some truths about mindfulness.

Firstly, every single person can benefit from this in their life whatever their background.

Secondly, mindfulness has really developed and expanded in recent years and theory has been replaced by truth through scientific development and testing.

Above all else, it’s practice truly is a tonic and remedy for a busy stressful life. 

And in addition by being more present and becoming a “Human Being” rather than a “Human Doing” people are enjoying their home and work lives far more.

This really does aleviate stress as an active stress management approach.

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So, broadly here is a simple outline of mindfulness.

The practice changes your brain!

In recent years neuroscientists have proven the brain can change its form and this process is called “neuroplasticity“.

Due to the activity of meditation the brain can do more of some things and less of others by changing the activity in certain places.

So, this influences how we act, function and think in more beneficial ways.

As a result, this can and does change the brain and thus decrease worry, increase creativity and attention to bring greater calm and focus.

It also helps in boosting the bodies immune system.

In conclusion, we now know by brain scans and neuroscience that it is factual that mindfulness makes people far better and healthier people.

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How Has The Programme I Offer Has Been Developed?

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The programme has been recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for the prevention of relapse of depression.

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So, What's In It For You With This Approach?

Additionally, the following bullet points are examples of the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness meditation.

In conclusion, this is a sample list and should not be considered as all the benefits.

How Can You Personally Do This or arrange this for your organisation?

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Have you noticed this is even being taught in schools now?

One last point.

Don’t be left behind by your kids!

Mindfulness is becoming so popular for many reasons and that in the most part is due to the pace of life.

Their are fundamental reasons that children are now being taught this.

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