Mindfulness Course in Paisley

Mindfulness course in Paisley - 1 hour workshop

Mindfulness course Paisley – it is my intention to run these 4 times per month at my office in Paisley. 

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Mindfulness Group Paisley Dates And Times:

This Mindfulness group follows and 8 week programme.

However, please keep in mind the following:

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This course will last 1 hour and can be accessed by anyone of any level of knowledge.

The course has limited spaces of 6 so please contact me and book early to avoid disappointment.

Cost is only  £11.00 per session.


Mindfulness Paisley

The course moves at a gentle pace where learning, understanding and discussion are key to your success.

Mindfulness is a form of non-religious and non-threatening meditation which has proven positive physical and mental health benefits. 

Mindfulness is not just for people who are ill but has proven benefits for anyone.

The course is designed and developed to provide easy to understand information about mindfulness, it’s origin and to give useful help in applying it to your life.

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Benefits of mindfulness include:

Discussion is optional and people’s privacy and thoughts need not be disclosed and can remain totally private to individuals if that is your choice.

In this course we may be focussing on:

What people say about the course.

“I have found mark’s mindfulness workshops very educational and enlightening. Mark’s passion for mindfulness and knowledge has helped me become much more aware of my mental well-being. I have learned some very useful techniques from the mindfulness classes which have helped me to pay more attention to my thoughts, feelings and attitude which in turn has meant I am better able to manage them. I would highly recommend everyone to try Mark’s weekly mindfulness class to help them to take care of their own mental well-being."
Safdur Muhammad

It is also worthy to mention that mindfulness workshops are the perfect addition to anyone who feels 100% fine in life as it’s a great way to stay on top and keep yourself like that!

So if you think this mindfulness workshop is for you then please get in touch now, and come along and participate in a wonderful way to maintain or grow a happier more peaceful life.


My office. Please click HERE for a map.

The location is very accessible from the M8 motorway and Glasgow.



Thursday 28rd June 2018 at 11 am. 

Free Parking:

Yes (plenty on street)

Please message or call me to secure your place as this course will sell out quickly.

There are a maximum of 6 seats available on this course.

Contact me HERE with any questions you may need answered.

How to book the Mindfulness Course in Paisley.

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or Call me on 07894900244 Today.

Mark Pettigrew

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