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Did you know you can do Private one to one Mindfulness sessions?


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Mindfulness Therapy has been proven to work - fact.

Firstly, mindfulness therapy is a great way to learn how to be more creative, resilient and responsive to life.

Secondly, mindfulness as a form of therapy was initially created to deal with anxiety.

Additionally, mindfulness therapy has been instrumental in reducing stress and depression.

In conclusion, if you need to improve your physical and mental health then perhaps mindfulness therapy is for you.

Just to clarify, mindfulness improves the following:

Mindfulness Paisley

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Most of all mindfulness sessions help people to slow down and take note of the present moment.

As a therapy mindfulness is actualy very active but in a very different way.

Whether by using meditation which really is focussed attention on a single activity.

Or, taking notice of your daily activities it has been commented that mindfulness creates new perspectives.

Ultimately, it promotes paying attention on purpose to what you are doing.

In conclusion, mindfulness therapy is a retraining to stop you going into the future as much initially.

And, secondly stopping you going to the past in your head as much.

So, on balance being present and paying attention on purpose changes the structure and behaviour of your brain.

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Especially relevant:

The therapy sessions can be done face to face in person in my office.

Or as an alternative by Skype or by phone.

So, ultimately location need not be a barrier to working together.

Individual Private Mindfulness sessions
“I have found mark’s mindfulness sessions very enlightening. Mark’s passion for mindfulness and knowledge has helped me become much more aware of my mental well-being. I have learned some very useful techniques from the mindfulness which has helped me to pay more attention to my thoughts, feelings and attitude which in turn has meant I am better able to manage them."
Safdur Muhammad

Mindfulness Group Paisley Dates And Times:

This Mindfulness group follows and 8 week programme.

However, please keep in mind the following:

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