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Mindfulness training courses can now be easily arranged for up to 15 staff members at your business

And, additionally can be easily arranged as:



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Why mindfulness training is a great idea legally.

Most notewrothy stress is now termed “The new sore back” by the Health and Safety Executive.

So, Mindfulness training courses are a perfect antidote to stress and anxiety at work for that.

Further to that mindfulness training may go a long way to satisfy part or all of your health & safety stress risk assessment.

Therefore, this is worth clarifying with your health & safety manager / supervisor.

What Else Can Mindfulness Help Your Staff With?

What Is Mindfulness Really And Why Is Training Important?

So, have you noticed how in fashion mindfulness is right now in the UK? 

Therefore, have you really considered the true value of mindfulness training for your company yet?

Why use this Mindfulness training Programme?

Ultimately mindfulness is a powerful and accessible way to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

So bringing people together for a mindfulness training course can be very enjoyable yet relaxing.

Whatever physical or mental improvements you wish to make then Mindfulness is definitely good for your staff!

Most of all, mindfulness has been proven to increase creativity, boost moral and make people happier at work which in turn effects profitability.

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“Mark was able to contribute to the Glasgow Airport Health Week in February 2017 with a Mindfulness training workshop. This was well subscribed and our staff are now aware of the positive impact of mindfulness and have gained resilience and coping skills. Thank you Mark for your input and signposting employees towards mindfulness and other areas. Your encouragement for staff to take control of their own lives and events was welcomed and will help them to actively manage stress proactively.”
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Kenny Brown
Health and Safety Assurance Manager at Glasgow Airport

How to book a Mindfulness Training Course.

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Mark Pettigrew

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