How To Stop Smoking After The Session

How to increase success and stay a non smoker after the stop smoking session


During the quit smoking / stop smoking session I help you learn or teach you methods or techniques for your continued success.

It is crucial that you comply with all of my suggestions and continue to pattern in the new habit of being and continuing to be a non-smoker.

This system of stopping smoking using hypnotherapy/hypnosis and modern psychological approaches to break the cycle of being a smoker has been developed and improved over 10 years of study and application.



How To Stop Smoking After The Hypnotherapy Session - Self HelpHow To Stop Smoking After The Hypnotherapy Session - Self Help


What you must do after the stop smoking hypnotherapy session so you succeed and stop smoking


  1. Drink one litre of pure fruit juice and copious amounts of water or squash for at least five days. This allows the nicotine to be flushed out of your system much quicker. This means the cravings will subside much quicker for you.
  2. Use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – Tapping) I taught you to deal with cravings. Please see the following two youtube help videos I have made to do that here. These will really help with cravings and motivation.


Please watch this where it goes through the whole sequence and how EFT works for real.


Please note:

That these techniques to help you stop smoking are designed to pattern in new behaviours and help you cope so that you continue to be a non-smoker. You need to continue with this if required for at least a 30 day period.

You must carry out the suggestions and the programme fully and this will work for you.


Please contact me for more information about becoming a non-smoker today and arrange a free 3o minute consultation by clicking  HERE

If you are not a 9 out of 10 to become a non-smoker get in touch where we can organise sessions for motivation to prepare you.

I look forward to helping you and hearing about your success with this.