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Anxiety into excitement part 2

To continue & how to take control.

Reframing & relabelling anxiety into excitement is your key benefit here.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to change things up into being excited?

Your confidence and performance levels can significantly be altered by this research has shown.

Some research has shown when it comes to performing rather than calming down that actually getting excited helped people succeed.

The study used the music “don’t stop believing” by Journey.

Coupled with saying out loud “I am excited”

And, it worked!

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Flip the switch with this new behaviour now!

By verbalising and thinking something new crushes and old constructed negative state.

Simply try these 3 useful phrases!

“Get excited”

“I am excited”

“I feel excited”

Be warned though!

This takes a little effort and deliberate practice to achieve.

Thanks for following this blog series and I hope this helps you to change things up.

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Anxiety Busting Tool Kit For Control

Anxiety Busting – Introduction

anxiety busting


When we are anxious our thoughts, feelings and emotions can and do get way out of control and we can often feel overpowered and helpless.

I meet people on a regular basis and help them regain that control and it’s no coincidence that the prevalent word that they use is the word “control” when we speak.

so by helping people see that they can actually influence, disrupt and change these patterns in some way gives people a glimmer of hope and understanding that control is possible and they can and do take it back.

Don’t get me wrong this is not one of those posts that promises the earth and leaves you flat after that. You will have to take part in running your own affairs and driving your own bus again!

So if you stick with me I will show you ways of changing the physical, auditory and visual things that trouble you and help you disrupt those patterns to make room for the things that serve you better!

For some people, they find that hypnotherapy helps them to make the changes.


Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT And Tapping


How to change the physical effects of anxiety on the body


How to change the voices and words in your head

How to change the pictures and movies you play in your head



So with the above videos you can influence the physical, auditory and visual aspects of anxiety and you should be able to get some relief and respite from troubling thoughts.

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Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!