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dartitis fighting

Dartitis if you keep fighting it then dartitis won’t change

Dartitis the cold hard truth!

Want to know why most dart players affected by dartitis do not change?

They fight it!

That’s it in a nutshell PERIOD!

Dartits is so overpowering that it closes down peoples critical thinking and frustrates the hell out of them.

It’s just a constant battle, fight and hatred of dartitis.

BUT, there are solutions trust me!!

dartitis fighting

Fighting does not work it just makes it even worse.

This may well sound mental to you but you have to embrace dartitis. Like a friend, like a messenger and like a teacher.

It wants you to listen to it and learn. It is sending you a message but you either can’t listen or don’t want to listen!

Radical I know, and I also know it’s not what you wanted to hear either.

Is it?

What happens if you begin to learn and be guided by it rather than fight it?

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Understanding allows you to work with yourself because dartitis is a part of you. 

It is you, yet most have never known that ever!

But, every problem has a positive purpose when it comes from your subconscious.

Past positive outcomes I have found with working with dartitis affected players have been things like it wanted to provide:





You can’t appreciate it yet but dartitis knows why it started and for what reason too.

Once you find that out you can resolve it because that part of you that caused it can probably fix it when you decide to work with it.

So rather than fighting dartitis it may be better to just mindfully accept its presence for a bit and open right up to what’s possible.

This is important, accept does not equal submit.

Work with yourself and not against yourself to create change.

But, you have to put out the welcome mat to dartitis like an old friend or it’s just going to be a lifelong fight.

Rather than you creating a mediation for change where you get to work with yourself for yourself.


Because, I can help you to ultimately help yourself!


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