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Life Coaching Is not a Dirty Word


Life Coaching is not just for American people!


Ever heard people say something like this “Life coaching that’s an American thing” Or “why would I need life coaching I don’t have a problem?” You may be surprised by how many successful people that actually have a life coach or have used one in the past for various personal reasons.


Life coaches help people like you and me around fitness, money, health, relationships, confidence and many other life or business areas. It’s true that some people feel like they have roadblocks or an inner battle they want to sort out. Or even that they don’t know what to do about it and can feel isolated and life coaching can help.


So what’s so special about this type of service you may be saying? Well for a few valuable reasons I will go into but for me the main one is life coaches won’t buy into your reality like your friends will and they won’t tell you what you want to hear too like friends do.


If you count all of the advice people give you in a week you would have a pretty full notebook of things you never did. Advice isn’t often useful and it’s not useful for personal growth and expansion of you as a person because you never did anything with it because it was never your idea in the first place.


Does that sound weird or actually the truth? Coaches are there to help you and assist you to clarify what you want and help you uncover your own resources and not to just agree with you because that’s the real value of this. Life coaches are here to help you to clarify what you want as opposed to what you don’t want and help you uncover your own resources and not to just agree with you because that’s the real value of life coaching.


The real value is in being challenged and stretched when you see what’s important for you then building a plan towards it is compelling. A good life coach needs to be a challenger, provoker, listener, supporter and an awakener to truly be able to help you motivate yourself into something that you want.


Did you know that Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton and Andre’ Agassi all had and still have life coaches? This isn’t a coincidence and neither is their personal success or the problems that they had to overcome in some cases to achieve greatness and success.


Many very successful people use life coaching just to see what they can achieve in their lives so that they can go to the next level or to find out more about themselves through greater self-awareness.


So yes life coaching can help you with problems and can also help you to find more within you. Your inner understanding and greatness is the real value and with using a life coach then all that can be brought out of you by the use of interesting questions.


“MarkAlison O'Leary Life Coaching Testimonial is an awesome coach and I really value the work he’s done with me. He has an incisive intuition and approach that gets to the heart of the matter quickly and helps you see things in a new way that removes blocks and gets you motoring in the right direction for you.

Mark really embodies the qualities of a great coach – he’s smart, honest and totally focused on you as his client.”  Alison O’Leary – London


If you want to discuss life coaching more or arrange a complimentary 2-hour deep coaching session then please get in touch with me today by clicking HERE.


The reasons I can offer a 2-hour complimentary session are:

  • So you can experience life coaching fully without money being involved as this allows you to relax and fully go where you want to go and to say what you want to say in the session.
  • So you can see if you can or want to work with me and me also with you in the future.
  • You may get what you need from this 2-hour session and that’s perfect too if you are complete afterwards.
  • I get referrals from working like this so find the right people to work with.
  • Some people decide to work with me on a longer term basis after this session and sign up for life coaching with me.


Thanks again for reading this and I look forward to offering you a 2-hour complimentary deep coaching session in the future.

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