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The confidence and self esteem puzzle

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Confidence and self-esteem can seem elusive to all of us at certain times of our lives.

Especially when we get bogged down, stuck or just completely lost. So does this sound familiar?

If this seems familiar and you want help please read on. photo on confidence page of a jigsaw

Unravelling the puzzle of what you would like to happen. So when working out what confidence actually means it has to be defined in personal terms.

Let’s make 2 deals here ok?

Stay away from self-esteem for now and only put our attention of confidence ok?

Also no “I don’t want this and I don’t want that” thinking or answers. Ok?

You may spot how self-esteem adjusts itself when confidence is given your full attention and quality thinking. So self-esteem is off limits, for now, that’s the deal.

Finally comes the action once confidence is understood and defined as a reality.


Moving from stuck thinking and creating movement.

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Heres a universal truth. Most people haven’t sat down and looked at the nuts and bolts of what it is they actually want.

It seems they can just term their problem and for some that can be a massive thing. It is even something for some that has become about their whole life not happening.

Also if you don’t know what confidence looks, feels or sounds like how can you even get it?

So let’s consider your current map.


Confidence page - image of a map

We have to define what confidence means within your world. For anyone, the universal larger terms have to be used to get you focussed on what this all means.

And this is how we do it by unravelling the puzzle through questions to define what you want.


Vision is a powerful lens to look at the world you want to have.

That’s the point of getting you to define how confidence manifests in your future so we can build you up to get you there.

Doing this helps you work towards building confidence and getting higher self-esteem by building on good behaviours.

confidence page - clapperboard image

So how do we get you to tap into your potential and take action?

It's this simple:

You can do all of the above yourself or get in touch and talk to me about a course in confidence building.

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Last word here:

Did you spot how when you build in being confident that self-esteem just grows too and comes with it?

That’s why I left it out of the equation because when we focus on you being confident we really don’t need to do much work on self-esteem, do we?


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