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Anxiety Busting Tool Kit For Control

Anxiety Busting – Introduction

anxiety busting


When we are anxious our thoughts, feelings and emotions can and do get way out of control and we can often feel overpowered and helpless.

I meet people on a regular basis and help them regain that control and it’s no coincidence that the prevalent word that they use is the word “control” when we speak.

so by helping people see that they can actually influence, disrupt and change these patterns in some way gives people a glimmer of hope and understanding that control is possible and they can and do take it back.

Don’t get me wrong this is not one of those posts that promises the earth and leaves you flat after that. You will have to take part in running your own affairs and driving your own bus again!

So if you stick with me I will show you ways of changing the physical, auditory and visual things that trouble you and help you disrupt those patterns to make room for the things that serve you better!

For some people, they find that hypnotherapy helps them to make the changes.


Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT And Tapping


How to change the physical effects of anxiety on the body


How to change the voices and words in your head

How to change the pictures and movies you play in your head



So with the above videos you can influence the physical, auditory and visual aspects of anxiety and you should be able to get some relief and respite from troubling thoughts.

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Is Mindfulness Your Swiss Army Knife Of Mental Performance?

Some People Talk About Mindfulness As If It’s The New Kid On The Block And It’s NOT!

Can Mindfulness Be Your Swiss Army Knife Of Mental Performance?


In fact it first appeared in 1979 and has really came to the fore in recent years because of the facts and scientific data we now have.


With the release of modern studies the efficacy of mindfulness has really made it more and more popular within homes and workplaces because of what we now know to be true.


In 2010 Harvard University carried out a study which proved that in general people think 46.9% outside of the present moment which is not healthy at all!


This has been termed the “Monkey Mind” where it is wandering and ill at ease or ruminating and creates stress.

Mindfulness Is Good For You If You Have Troubles Or Are Perfectly Fine!


Yes you don’t have to be in need of a tonic or a so called pick me up to benefit from it. Yes it’s good for unwell people and also people who are at the top of their game equally.

What Is Mindfulness In A Nut Shell?

Can Mindfulness Be Your Swiss Army Knife Of Mental Performance?


Mindfulness is a non religious and non threatening form of meditation in its simplest terms that can change brain activity by encouraging present moment observational awareness.

Some Very Simple Science Facts About Mindfulness


  1. Mindfulness positively affects the Amygdala which controls fear, anxiety and stress.
  2. Mindfulness positively affects the Hippocampus which controls learning and memory.
  3. Mindfulness positively affects the DMN (Default Mode Network) which is responsible for the wandering mind and decreases its activity.

Is It Time To Get This Into Workplaces like Schools?


Ever noted how this is now in schools quite prolifically?

Then why is it not mainstreaming at work considering the following:

  • £1.24 billion loss each year to business from stress.
  • Stress affects 1 in 5 employees.
  • Stress is the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK.

Considering how much time you spend at work and the ripple effect it has within the larger whole of your life then it’s worthy to consider is it not?

So Why Is Mindfulness Believed To Be So Good Then?

Can Mindfulness Be Your Swiss Army Knife Of Mental Performance?

It has a significant effect on anxiety and depression in the first instance and if you think about that it will make perfect sense to you when you read on.

To fuel depression or anxiety you have to be preoccupied with the past or worrying about the future.

With mindfulness you can apply a level of control by being fully present more than you ever have been which takes you out of future or past thoughts and reduces stress and a mind that is wandering unhappily.

What Is The Down Side of Mindfulness?


Absolutely nothing it is 100% safe!

Just on a last point whats your upside after reading this?



Thanks for blogging with me again and I hope you enjoy the editorial.

 Can Mindfulness Be Your Swiss Army Knife Of Mental Performance? Mark

Are you connected with your mindfulness mojo?


Are you connected with your mindfulness mojo?

I was in the shower today and it struck me how incredible the smell of the shower gel was on my hands. This may seem a bit weird me even commenting on this and actually taking the time to even express it.

Well here’s the point! How often do you just rush about just functioning and superficially servicing your body rather than connecting with it?

Many people will probably be thinking what’s he on about has he lost it! Well here’s the reality of what’s been proven in our society. Almost 47% of our conscious thought is not in the present. You may be saying “big deal, so what” and that’s pretty normal too if there is such a thing as normal these days!

Good mental health is on the decline and that’s fact. Anxiety is on the up and so is depression. Stress is burning people out and we just think its normal these days. There I go again like a broken record “these days”.

Well let me let you into a growth industry and it’s mindfulness which is proving to be the guiding light for many. Mindfulness takes a little daily practice it’s true and for me the concept is very simple!

Stop – experience – relax – absorb – energise – continue.

In my own experience I realised that the mind had almost became an organic super computer that had gotten way too big for it’s boots draining my physical batteries.

So what’s the antidote? Are you ready for another big secret? Simplicity in itself is the answer!

It’s all about Smelling the shower gel, feeling the hot shower jet on your back, listening to your inner voice that says “Ahh that feels really good” and looking at the water coming out of the shower as it hits your face and body!

Do you get my point here? Enjoying the sensations from the body and taking the time to fully experience them can be truly enlightening. Hollistically this reconnection between the mind body and spirit holding us in the moment is a representation of mindfulness.mindfulness

Isn’t it so simple that thoroughly enjoying experiences can recharge your positive mental health batteries
and it’s 100% free? Yes this sounds so simple and easy because it is when you stop and think about it!

Here is a short list of things to consider that will improve your life if you dare to do them regularly…

  • Smelling a flower
  • Savouring  a square of chocolate without chewing
  • Watching a child play
  • Listening intently to your favourite piece of music with earphones
  • Feeling the sun on your face

Don’t you think its time to wake up and smell the coffee too??

Thanks for blogging with me and please leave comments as well as shower mindfully on a regular basis……


P.S. I can thoroughly recommend this book