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What’s Important To you?

What’s Important To You – Life Coaching Editorial Series


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Often when I am at events I get asked “what do you do?” and I used to say I’m an executive coach and plenty of times it looked quite an underwhelming answer for the person that asked the question.


Now I answer something like this “I help people break out of their limiting stories they call their lives” and I usually follow on with something like “If you think about it we all go round in a story about our lives and parts of it don’t work all that well do they?”


Then I explain that I am an executive coach just to clarify the story of what I just said. I noticed some time back when I became fascinated by “deep or transformational” coaching that many coaches want to get right into the HOW of what was going on or needed.


I then started to realise that we go round in behaviour habits or patterns that often don’t work and we stick with them and look for an action or How to break the pattern by getting into doing something which doesn’t solve the issue or habit.


People can have a very powerful WHY that draws them forward but get tired or burned out by the HOW habit of action that often doesn’t work because of the WHAT that may be missing or even not required because they haven’t went deep enough into their story on what’s been going on in this habit.


To give you a very personal insight of how I have worked on this WHAT that was missing for me was around the issue of “self-love” which I worked on with my own coach at a very deep personal level. I had for years been doing all sorts of things and activities that I thought would make me whole and getting burned out and fed up.


For me by being challenged about my WHY and by being guided deeper it became apparent that WHAT I thought was missing was actually inside of me all the time and couldn’t be gained by the constant exhausting searching and HOW actions and even bad habits.


So WHAT I was searching for was always inside and couldn’t be gained, bought or obtained external to me because it had always been inside of me but I was just blind to its existence.

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WHAT do you want and WHY do you need it is a very powerful question to ask yourself  to get right into HOW you achieve that vision or goal.


Believe me the HOW is crucially important when clarity has been brought into play by getting off the surface and into quality interesting questions at a much deeper coaching  level.

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So what’s really important to you now?


Thanks again for blogging with me and reading my editorials and I look forward to being able to help you. And please feel free to comment below and share this article.



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