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Golf putting anxiety

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Golf putting anxiety or ” The Yips ” are very common so please read this page completely.

The following will be covered:


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What are the yips?

Golf putting yips are when golfers miss seemingly easy putts. 

This can be like muscle spasms or completely new unconscious physical behaviours. 

More often than not the yips just come out of the blue and baffle the golfer. 

But effectively they are a form of anxiety and performance stress. Which in addition can be addressed by performance coaching.

Anxiety is a state of imbalance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. 

In addition once they start they have a tendency to create more self defeat. 

So become quite powerful.

Please read on as this is able to be corrected.


How does this very successful vicious circle self feed?

The yips are a conscious and unconscious behaviour that continues. In a totally reasonable way the cycle of defeat self feeds itself.

It just gets stronger and stronger. So the golfer expects to miss the next put and that happens. 

When you think about it the competitive nature of the golfer creates a successful non putt!

Because they think they will miss and they often do. This is a self fulfilling prophecy that becomes stronger through repetition.

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How we get rid of the yips consciously.

The most important thing here is that you feel empowered.

I will teach you new conscious strategies to lessen and get rid of anxiety on the course.

Being resourceful means you take back control and lessen stress.

These conscious tools are just like new clubs to add to your golf bag.

Some will be to get rid of anxiety and stress.

And some will be to get you into a peak state to putt that ball again how you want to.

This can be done over Skype or Facetime so location is no issue.

Getting rid of the yips by reprogramming your mind.

There is an unconscious programme running that stops your putt happening.

Whatever the reason for it we have to delete it so you can putt again.

Some people choose to use one or a combination of the following:

  • Hypnosis
  • NLP – Neuro Lingustic Programming.
  • Tapping.
  • Mindscaping.
  • Or other powerful resources.

You are an individual and the approach for yips will be individual. 

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Asking me questions about getting rid of golf yips.

Please message me with any question at all about correcting golf putting yips.

Also ask me about my special coaching packages for golfers.

Also rest assured you can get rid of this to get your game back.

Finally please just remember the yips are only just a temporary blip in your game.

You can get rid of this so invest in your game and contact me now to sort this blip out today!


Please remember this can be done over Skype or Facetime so location is not important.

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